Kerem Bürsin and Botan Beyaz
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Kerem Bürsin and Botan Beyaz

Today the singer Botan Beyaz shared a picture of him with Kerem, so here’s the story of how the two know each other.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outbreak also negatively affected Botan in his career that was just starting. While he had just shared his first 2 videos, he met Kerem Bürsin, got his support and had the opportunity to realize some of his plans, but unfortunately, his work was left unfinished due to the epidemic that broke out. He advertised ‘Under Armour’ together with Bürsin.

Botan talks about Bürsin as ‘King of Support’. Going to America is his biggest goal. Apart from that, after Kerem Bürsin’s TV series is over, he is gonna start filming music videos again in Turkey with Kerem’s support.