Kerem Bürsin was born on June 4th, 1987, in Istanbul, Turkey. Bürsin spent his childhood on the move and was raised internationally living in 7 different countries. After years of living an expat life him and his family settled in Sugar Land, Texas. While in high school in Texas, he developed an interest in acting. In a play he did his senior year he was recognized and won many awards including the best actor of the state of Texas. Bürsin later attended Emerson College in Boston, where he majored in Marketing Communications with a focus on Public Relations. However constantly taking roles acting in numerous student films and plays, he gained attention on campus as an actor. He began to focus his studies on acting and finished his last semester of College in Los Angeles, which led him to stay there.

Bürsin’s first role on television, was Roger Corman’s Sharktopus (2010) then again in 2012 starred in another one of Corman’s pictures: Shen gong yuan ling (2013). After spending a few years in Los Angeles,Bürsin decided to move temporarily to his home town Istanbul, Turkey. Shortly after his move he started to pursue his ambition in acting again. After a couple of months his career in Turkey would take off, landing the lead role in director Altan Dönmez and D-Production’s TV show Günesi Beklerken (2013) which would become a hit phenomenon in Turkey as well as surrounding countries. The Turkish audience would meetBürsin for the first time at his portrayal of Kerem Sayer, an 18 year old high school rebel. In a short amount of timeBürsin won the crowd over, the role landing him several awards, commercial deals and recognition throughout regions across Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East.

After shooting 56 episodes and calling it a series finale for Günesi Beklerken (2013),Bürsin soon was approached by one of Turkey’s famous and important directors Cagan Irmak to be in his film Unutursam Fisilda (2014) whichBürsin would accept the role, Erhan, a young bass player with a passion for music taking place in 70’s Istanbul.Bürsin’s small but pivotal role in the film gained him more recognition and awards.

For his next season on TV,Bürsin and director Altan Dönmez re-joined the producers at D-Porductions for a different kind of show, one that would spring a lot of curiosity and hype, the Turkish remake of the famous Italian mafia TV-Series Il Ristretto D’Honore. Seref Meselesi (2014) had a lot of critics skeptical whether or notBürsin would be able to pull off the role of a late twenties Turkish bad boy who would get sucked into the life of the Turkish mafia where revenge would drive him to reach the top of the mafia tree. Leaving critics surprised and again gaining the appreciation of the audience the show became a hit.

In 2018, Kerem portrayed the role of Dimitry, one of the main vampires of the Turkish web series, ‘Yaşamayanlar’. Although it was originally released on the digital platform ‘BluTV’, on March 8, 2019 it became part of ‘Netflix’.

Some of his other projects on the small screen have been ‘Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek’ (2017) , ‘Muhteşem İkili’ (2018-2019) OR ‘Aynen Aynen’ (2020-)

Bürsin is currently playing the lead role of “Serkan Bolat” in Sen Çal Kapımı(You Knock on My Door) opposite Hande Erçel. The series is produced by MF Yapım, directed by Altan Dönmez and its script is written by Ayşe Üner Kutlu. It premiered on FOX on 8 July 2020 receiving positive reviews as well as high ratings.


Eric Morris Technique – Erle Morris (2 years)

Scene Study for Film 8 T.V. – Bates Wilder

On Camera Auditioning – Carolyn Pickman

Emerson College The Business of Acting – Brad Lemack

Emerson College Basics of Acting Il – Richard Gilman

Emerson College Basics of Acting – Joseph Antoun

Emerson College Dialects Study! – Aleksander Wierzbicki

Scene Study – Tress Mills Kurzym

Improvisation – Brad Cummons

Cold Reading – Tress Mills Kurzym

Vocal Training – Denise Raimando


Dialects – Australian, British (Cockney, Irish, Proper English, Scottish), New York, Russian, Southern American

Band Member – The Belle Ami (bass guitar, supporting vocals, drum experience)

Horseback riding, Swimmer, American Football, Weight Training (NASM Certified/Training for Warriors Certified), Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse


Turkish (Native), English (Native), French (Beginner)


Favorite season: Summer

 Food he dislikes: Okra and leek

Favorite food: Guacamole

The most intolerable thing: Disrespect

The subject he said he was bad at school: Science

Favorite superhero: Wolverine

The Turkish series he watched with his mother in the past: An Istanbul Tale.

How he drinks coffee: plain

How he drinks tea: with lemon or sweetener

Discovered by: Roger Corman

His teacher: Eric Morris

He sees photography as curiosity.

He sees ambition as a danger.