Cosmopolitan 2013

Kerem Bursin, who plays the popular and spoiled high school student in the TV series Güneşi Beklerken, has a different accent because he has lived in America for years, he is very fit compared to most of his peers with the effect of doing sports, and he is very confident like a professional model while posing. Kerem Bursin, who plays a high school student under his own name in the TV series Waiting for the Sun, came to Turkey for the series. He’s making his acting debut as he starred in different productions while in America (one of them being the TV movie Sharktopus with Eric Roberts). 

The closeness of our shoot’s mascot with the cute German shepherd surprised us all. Because even next to a barking dog, he posed keeping his calm. When we asked him to take off his shirt at the gym, we saw his interest in sports! We don’t know how the rich and spoiled child he plays will change, but we do not think that Bursin’s humble and friendly demeanor will change over time.

After watching the character you played in Güneşi Beklerken, we cannot help but ask what kind of childhood you had. How many are brothers? How is your relationship with your family? 

I have an older sister. My family is the most valuable asset in my life. They are very important to me and we are very close. They showed me what a family should be like.

We know that you studied in Boston in the USA and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from school. You didn’t go there all at once. You have lived in many countries. Can you talk a little bit?

Since my childhood, I have lived in another country on average every three years. For this reason, I had the chance to live in different corners of the world, with cultures and people. This inevitably added a lot to my personality and identity.

What did you do in America? What made you decide to return to Turkey?

Gaye Sökmen has a big share in making this decision. Apart from that, I have proudly carried my Turkish identity in different countries throughout my life. The desire to live in Turkey was an inner longing for me; Let’s say instinct. Personal development is very important to me and I am sure that the colorfulness and character of Istanbul will add a lot to both me and my acting.

 Do you miss America or are you happy with your life here?

More than America, I miss my friends there. I was born in Istanbul and most of my family lives here. I feel at home. Living and working in Istanbul is very satisfying. I am very happy here. Of course, there are pros and cons like everywhere else, but when I look at the Bosphorus, walk in Beyoğlu, chat with the grocery store, I forget everything and feel very lucky to be in the most beautiful city in the world.

 Isn’t it difficult to shoot a TV series in the summer season? Are you ever going to take a vacation?

Honestly, vacation never crossed my mind. I think this is the greatest vacation when people do what they love with their loved ones.

 What do you prefer to do when you have free time for yourself?

This of course depends on the day, but usually my “private time” is the time I set aside for myself. I have different projects whether with music, writing or sports.

 You are too old to be a high school student, but you do not stand out in the series. What do you think is the reason?

I’m shaving; I guess that’s why! That was one of the first things that came to my mind when I read the script. I wondered if I would be believable. But after all, the twenties are a flexible average age in terms of acting.

With the release of the first episode, you have also become a favorite of young women. How does it feel to be known and admired?

I don’t feel anything like that inside myself. That’s why I don’t know.

 do you have a lover


 What would your reaction be if you had a girlfriend and she was jealous of you playing a rich, handsome, popular high school student?

In general, I find excessive jealousy repulsive. I don’t think I can be with someone who doesn’t trust me and herself. Those who know me know how seriously I take my job, and it would be impossible to be with someone who wouldn’t be considerate of my job. After all, more than anyone else, I want my girlfriend to support me and be there for me no matter what .