Elle 2015

Kerem Bürsin drew attention with his first work. He shone in the TV series Waiting for the Sun. Agreed, he is extre

mely handsome. lt is not only his appearance, but his acting ís also a factor in this rise! Finally, we are curio

us about the private life of the young actor, who is also the campaign face of Mavi in the new season

. What does Kerem Bürsin think about love: Our Topics Editor Suzan Yurdacan had a sincere and warm interview with Bürsin, who was the guest of our cover with the famous model Frida Aansen in our February-2015 issue. Here, in his words, love!

The good news came one after the other: TV series, awards, you became the advertising face of Mavi…. And you are still surprised by all of them. Are you afraid that you will lose this feature one day?

I don’t think I will ever lose this feeling. Frankly, I am truly and sincerely surprised by all of them. All this is very strange, very. I sat down on New Year’s Eve and thought about this and 2014. It felt like someone else’s life; it seemed unreal. I realised I can’t get out it I was just grateful. Sometimes these thoughts fall into my mind before I go to sleep. I had a dream for almost 10 years and thought, what should I do after my dream, how can I improve  myself? For many years nothing happened persistently; I continued to try and work saying that this will always remain a dream. l’m living that dream now.

Wasn’t it clear that this would eventually happen?

l have diaries that I have kept for years. Sometimes I open those diaries and look, it sounds good. I say to myself,  come to your senses, calm down.

So, you live beyond your dreams …

Right now? What’s happening right now is completely strange. My dream ¡is to become an actor, earn enough money to support myself and start a family with that money… But if it wouldn’t work, then I would do other jobs, that’s it! To be the cover of a magazine, these didn’t cross my mind long ago!

What did you feel when you got the mavi’s offer?

When they give me this news, my first question is “Are you sure?” it happened. When my PR, Zerrin (Ersú) said this from my agency (Gaye Sókmen), I said, “Does Mavi want me? Are you sure?” I asked persistently. I was surprised.

Kerem Bursin, Frida Aasen - Elle Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (February 2015) I was very proud. We were talking about dreams; this is one of them.

Do you still keep diaries?

Not every day but yes, I still keep a diary.

Do you remember your first childhood love? How old were you?

I was just that kid, exactly the “man of love”! I was very “in love”. When I was seven, l insisted my mother to take the girl I liked to the restaurant. The girl’s mother called my mother and said, “Is your son crazy? At the age of seven, what restaurant, let them go to a burger shop”, she said. I was a person who believed in romance very much. I think this is related to the example I saw at home.

Is there a couple whose love you envy and take as an example?

My parents, of course, but recently, my grandmother and grandfather, since I have been in Turkey and spent a lot  of time with them. Nowadays, I say this very deeply: I hope and I hope I will have a marriage like theirs. They have been married for 60 years and are still so in love with each other. They enjoy going to the cinema and the opera together and listening to music side by side. Recently my grandfather was in the hospital. I am with him in the room, my grandmother is outside. My grandfather can see her because the door is open. He has serum on his arm, l’m talking to him but he’s not present there. His eyes are always on my grandmother…He tries to understand whether she’s okay or crying, he’s totally focused on her. Then he called her and said “don’t worry, | will not let you go”, they both cried…Seeing this, one’s expectations and standards about love rise very high.

Those who say “There is no love, nobody falls in love anymore” are not few. Is love out of fashion?

I think love can never be out of date. Love is the strongest emotion one can feel. That’s why since the first existence of mankind, stories about love have been written, songs and poems about love have been written and pictures have been drawn. It’s hard to find a love like my grandparents. But it’s not impossible.

Did your parents talk to you about relationships and love in your time?

My father did it.

Did you object, Dad I don’t want to listen?

No, we have a very different relationship with my father. Since we changed countries every three years, my agenda was always changing, my family was the only one that remained stable. When we moved to a new country, sometimes the only support I could get was my parents. That’s why we formed a completely different bond, we became like friends. My dad has always been very clear, even strict, about how I treat women since I was little. Since there are two very precious women in my life, my mother and my sister, he told me how to treat them as a boy, as a man. If you can handle this at home, you can handle it outside. We always talked about these with my father, and I try to apply them all.

Have you ever been the party to give advice to your father?

Of course. Let’s say they had an argument with my mother, I see my mother’s situation at home, my father is here. I immediately send him a message like “my mother is really sad”, my father comes home with flowers, they get better. Even if my father will choose a gift for my mother, he takes my opinion.

What has love taught you about yourself?

Kerem Bursin, Frida Aasen - Elle Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (February 2015)I think the person you fall in love with inspires you. For that first love I mentioned, I would find a different flower at the end of each month, put it in an envelope, write its story, turn it into a poem. lf it weren’t for a girl, I wouldn’t have thought of doing such a thing in life. Or I wouldn’t learn to play the guitar for another girl. Love makes people better, more creative. Because of love, I learned to write poetry, play the guitar, and cook!

The best love movie you’ve ever seen? And the city you find most romantic?

The Notebook and Love Story; There is also a completely different love for Kramer Kramer, played by Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman, which tells about father and son. When I first watched The Notebook, I said, I hope this kind of love will happen to me, too. A story that turns life into a dream. I think love should make people feel that they are living a dream, how lucky they are. As for the most romantic place, Cambodia is where I wish I could fall in love and bring my lover there. But I also say this about Istanbul.

If I say to draw a romantic situation… lt is?

Always my dream, to get on a plane with the person I love and disappear. lt seems very romantic to me.

Do you want this done to you?

There is no way l’d want to. | will definitely do it!