Kerem Bürsin and Botan Beyaz
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Kerem Bürsin and Botan Beyaz

Today the singer Botan Beyaz shared a picture of him with Kerem, so here’s the story of how the two know each other.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outbreak also negatively affected Botan in his career that was just starting. While he had just shared his first 2 videos, he met Kerem Bürsin, got his support and had the opportunity to realize some of his plans, but unfortunately, his work was left unfinished due to the epidemic that broke out. He advertised ‘Under Armour’ together with Bürsin.

Botan talks about Bürsin as ‘King of Support’. Going to America is his biggest goal. Apart from that, after Kerem Bürsin’s TV series is over, he is gonna start filming music videos again in Turkey with Kerem’s support.


Marketing Turkey

Kerem Bürsin, one of the most remarkable and admired actors of recent times… Turkey got to know him first with the TV series Waiting for the Sun on Kanal D, and then with the Line and Lipton commercials. However, his acting career goes way back. The young star also appeared in the films Sharktopus and Ghost of the Imperial Palace by Roger Corman, one of the famous directors and producers of Hollywood. His forward-looking goal is quite ambitious: “To become a well-known Turkish actor abroad.” The feature that distinguishes him from other advertising faces is that he studied “Marketing” at Emerson College in Boston and looks at acting from the “marketing” perspective. In short, Bürsin, who integrates her acting with marketing knowledge, is an advertising face that “understands the language of brands”..

We first got to know you in the TV series Waiting for the Sun. Then you acted in a commercial for Line and Lipton. How do you choose the brands that you will play in their advertisements?

I actually studied marketing at Emerson College in Boston. Here’s the thing: you’re starting a company, you want it to have value. After a while, the company reaches the point you want. Therefore, it is very important with whom you work and with whom you establish relationships. Because this situation starts to represent your identity after a while. The same goes for acting… I don’t make my choices alone either. I am an actor of Gaye Sökmen Agency and this is a collaboration. We are a team of six or seven, and I am part of that team. We decide together where and in which project I will take part. I think this is one of the healthiest ways.

Are you selective and involved in the creative process?

Of course, me and my agency try to be selective in all our projects. We read the incoming scripts, we try to intervene if there is something we will be uncomfortable with.

How did you decide to become an actor after studying marketing? Did your acting career start in Turkey?

I actually just started living in Turkey in real terms. I lived in Ankara for a year while I was in primary school, but then I lived in different countries. I moved to the USA in 2000. I met acting in high school. My professional acting career actually started in America before Turkey. After my marketing education, I studied acting and then acted in two films in America.

So, how did this process develop?

So think about it this way, you are in Hollywood and there are 7 million actors. As in “Marketing”, “How can I make a difference, how can I stand out and how can I finally do what I want to do?” I thought. And unfortunately I am not creating a product here. If the product was a cup, you would explain that its glass comes from Africa, that the glass is of incredible quality, and you sell the product. But in acting it is different. For example, you will play the character of David. The question you should ask is “How can I create the character differently?” It happens, but in the end, we’re all acting. Also, I am not a lucky person, there are no “intermediary people” around me to help me get a role. But here the following question became important for me: “Are you ready for acting?” There is one thing I learned while studying marketing; the better a product you have, the easier you can sell it… I integrated this thought into my acting. I thought that the more I contribute to my acting technique, the more my chances will increase… That was my acting philosophy. I always tried to be ready. Players want to be players right away. Of course I wanted that too. But it doesn’t happen ‘immediately’! And when it doesn’t, I think most people get depressed and sad… But instead, we need to use this process better and get ready.

And you acted in two movies in America…

I went to an acting audition in Los Angeles. I acted in Roger Corman’s films Sharktopus and Ghost of the Imperial Palace. But I wouldn’t recommend either movie at all! The English only have a saying: “Beggars cannot be picky.” There was an opportunity in these movies and I was like, “How do I take advantage of this opportunity?” I thought. Roger Corman’s specialty is to discover new names in the market. Many names in Hollywood are his discovery. When you think about it, it’s nice to be collaborating with someone like Roger Corman. That was a plus for me and I acted in two movies with him. This is how my professional acting career started.

Then you returned to Turkey…

Yes, then I returned to Turkey. But I met Gaye Sökmen the summer before I returned to Turkey for real. I was 23 years old, we talked to him about plans and projects. This is how it started…

“Waiting for the Sun” series is your first project in Turkey. Have you ever thought that the series will hold this much and be successful?

Actually, I don’t think about it at all, and I don’t like to think about it. That’s why I’m not acting. Of course I want it to be successful. But we already decide together as a team. When the project comes, we look deeply and think. I really liked the character of “Kerem Sayer” in Waiting for the Sun, but more than that, the director was very important to me; It would be my first project in Turkey. I didn’t know the market very well. But the presence of both our Director Altan Dönmez and D Yapım in the project made me even more excited.

How is your time on the set, are you happy?

I am very happy and very lucky. An incredible staff and an incredible team. Our environment is really great. We are like family, no one has ego and everyone is together, we have a lot of fun.

Did you ever expect to receive great attention at such a moment and did you feel ready to play the leading role?

I never expected such attention. I have never thought of that. But I felt ready to play the lead role.

Do you think this interest will continue?

Maybe… But maybe this series will end and I will be unemployed! You have to be used to it too. For example, I am used to it and I learned it in America. I was 21, it was my first year in Hollywood, and I shot two movies right away. So I was feeling lucky, I had expectations and dreams, but none of them came true. My next job was as a driver! It created a very nice “cold shower” effect on me. I saw that in this profession, you can always find yourself on the ground. Since you know how that place smells and looks, even if you go down there again, you can still get out…

Who did you chauffeur during that time?

I have been the driver of actors such as Rachel Hurd-Wood and Dan Fogler. Usually, I was chauffeuring actors who came to America from England to audition for acting. It was a job for a few months. After that job, I worked as a sports coach.

The character of Kerem Sayer, which you played in the series, was very popular. Do you have any reservations or fears about playing the same type of role again?

My goal is not to be popular or famous. My aim is to play in quality projects that I will be proud of. If a character like Kerem Sayer comes back and the director says, “I want you to do in this role what you did in Kerem Sayer,” I would not accept it. Because he was a completely different person, he was Kerem Sayer. This is someone else, and everything about it should be different. If the script is good but the role is the same, then it’s my job from now on. “How can I do this differently?” I think. The person I will play may still be a rich kid, but his character will definitely be a different, different person. It can actually be enjoyable. But I am a person who likes to play different characters and my dream is to play different characters.

Has your life changed after you acted in the series? How does being famous make you feel?

I don’t feel famous at all. My life has changed like this; I love to use subway but now I can’t use it. When I get on the subway, I miss the stop I will get off at. Because I am not someone who shows interest and says no to anyone who wants to take a photo.

What is your goal? Where would you like to see yourself?

I certainly do not underestimate the market, but just as almost all football players dream of playing in the Champions League or in Europe, I also have a dream of becoming an internationally known Turkish player.

Hurriyet 2020

Hurriyet 2020

He has raised the bar in acting in every project he has taken part in in the seven years since his first series. He aimed to progress not with his handsomeness, but with his talent. She has always attracted attention with her social sensitivity, especially with her calls for women’s rights. Kerem Bürsin, one of the most admired actors of the screens: “I grew up knowing that if there is inequality, I have to stand in front of it, not next to it. I always believed in getting smaller as we get older.”

We meet in Öğümce Village, where the set is located. As the sun goes down, we take our coffees and walk towards the lakeside. Although he has already reached the level of stardom, there is no trace of ego in him. He is very gentleman… He is at peace with himself, he even likes to make fun of himself. One of the cornerstones of his sports life, he says, “This is therapy for me. Contrary to the Serkan Bolat character he plays, he is one of those who admit his mistakes: “Not apologizing is something patriarchal society insists on.”Kerem BursinWe start our conversation where we talk a little about everything.


Kerem Bürsin: I'm definitely not the golden boy

It’s been six years since our first interview…! Wow!

How were the years for you?

When I think about what I’ve been through, I feel like I’ve gained 20 years of experience. human andplayer I think I’ve changed a lot.

What has changed?

I understood more clearly what will never change in my life; family, women’s rights, career… I clung to these more tightly. The spine of my ethical values ​​became thicker and stronger. And now instead of “Why is this happening to me”, I ask “Why is this happening to me”. I realized this when I broke my spine the previous summer.

How did you break your spine?

We got caught in a storm on the boat, the wave hit. I fell on my back. Fear swept through my body, I said, “Will I be able to walk again?” I remember picking up something pointed and dipping it all over me to see if I could feel it. The doctor said that my nerves weren’t damaged by two inches. Otherwise, I would not be able to walk again. This has taught me how finely there is life. For three months, I had to go to bed 16 hours a day.

It must be so hard…

“Well done” I said. Because I started to trust the flow of life. When you try to control everything, you try to swim in a wave, but if you let yourself go with the flow of the wave, you will see the opportunities more clearly.

Is it difficult to be one of the most popular actors in Turkey?

I don’t get out of bed in the morning saying, “How popular am I?” I always think about how to get better at acting and focus on the things in front of me.

You said “I don’t want to be young”. Aren’t you already young?

My goal is not to be young. Even if I’m young, I don’t know, I’m not very interested in it. What does jon mean anyway? I’m an actor.

Don’t you admit that he’s handsome?

There are many people who are handsomer than me. Besides, it’s my job and my concern is not to be really handsome.

Kerem Bürsin: I'm definitely not the golden boyGentleman, sensitive and polite about women’s rights… You are like the golden child of the acting world…

I am definitely not the golden boy. I find it funny to show what should be as ingenuity. I grew up knowing that if there is inequality, I have to stand against it, not next to it. I’ve always believed that as you get older you should get smaller.

Are you flirtatious?

I don’t think I’m too filtatious. I guess I’m not… I’m not, I’m not. What is meant by this question Hakan (laughs)?

Does someone come into your life often?

You actually mean “You’re with another woman every night”, right?



You’re young, handsome, famous… How much do you use them?

None. My friends are making sentences that start with “I wish I were you”, but that’s not for me. Of course, flirting is a good thing when it comes to taste.

Who is the sexiest woman alive in the world?

My codes in sexy; the other person’s self-confidence, standing on his feet… I believe that the more peace you are with your inner world, the more it is reflected in your physique. There are many sexy women who enter these codes.

Do you believe in love?


Why did you do that?

I believe in love one hundred percent. But in a world that is changing so quickly, it’s hard. In my grandparents’ time, love was easier.

However, it’s like the opposite…

There was a time for love back then. Now the troubles are different. For example, I would like to look at the person I’m in love with and say, “Let’s just drop everything and get on a plane.”

Have you ever experienced such a love?

No, I did not. If I already find it…

Is there love right now?


Was the cup with the letter ‘D’ that you held in your hand during the live broadcast you participated in quarantine really Demet Özdemir’s?

No. I don’t know what ‘D’ is. It could be either Dilara or Didem, right (laughs)? Why is it immediately called ‘Demet’? Demet and I have mutual friends, she is a wonderful person, but there is no such thing.

You can’t watch yourself on the screen…

Yes, I don’t know why.

Kerem Bürsin: I'm definitely not the golden boyHaven’t you watched the show yet? How do you develop yourself?

I was watching a few scenes in the beginning, but our work pace does not allow much. Actually, we don’t even look at the monitor on set. I trust the director. And after a point, when you determine the main lines, the character you play becomes your best friend.

When you were an actor known for his drama roles, you got out of your comfort zone and started acting in romantic comedy with ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’… Moreover, this is a series that started in the summer. There are those who think that ‘summer serials’ are ‘soap bubbles’. Didn’t you hesitate?

First of all, I don’t like being cold, it’s not easy to work in winter under these conditions. I find this perception funny, there is no such thing anywhere in the world. Things like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘True Blood’ also started in the summer. It is also absurd to perceive that ‘who plays drama does not play comedy’. I don’t want to follow rules and stereotypes anymore.

Are you really funny?

People around me say I’m funny. Most of my friends were saying, “Son, stop doing stupid dramas or something, do some comedy.” And yes, okay, now I like to make fun of myself, I show my funny face.

Is it true that you really fell in love with Hande Erçel?

No, we’re both doing our job. Hande and I didn’t know each other before. When you start working with such popular actors you don’t know, you think, ‘What will I meet?’ But Hande surprised me a lot. She has a strange energy on set. We got a very good match. She cares a lot about work. Our team is also extraordinary, we are like in an entertainment area of ​​100-odd people.

You acted in the independent movie, ‘Magenta’. What character are you there?

A character who has to run his father’s factory while he wants to do photography… He is with the woman his family wants him to marry. Under the pressures of society, this man meets someone one day and realizes that he is spiritually lost.

In the advertisements of the sports brand (Under Armor) you are the face of, you explain that blood, sweat and tears should be shed while reaching the goal. How many of these were in your story?

I have a story of tears, sweat, and the occasional blood. My life in America was actually difficult before I came to Turkey.

What did you experience?

I have dreamed of acting since I was 13 years old. I’ve been a driver, a waitress, I’ve been the person standing at the door of the clubs. For a while, I was doing three jobs to pay my rent and raise money for acting classes.

Was your financial situation bad?

No. My father was at the top of a good oil company.

Why did you work so many jobs?

In college, I was successful in both marketing and acting. There is a beautiful light in marketing, but I said to my father, “I want to be an actor.” They didn’t like it. I decided to move from Texas to Los Angeles and crawl there. E, I did not find it right to take money from them while trying to do something they did not accept. I said, “I will clean the toilet at the gym at four in the morning, I will also be a driver, and I will not give up my struggle to act.” Three years passed like this. Then the circumstances of life brought me to Turkey, luck… With director Altan Dönmez and ‘Waiting for the Sun’, everything settled. “America is a racist country. But here, too, the class distinction bothered me a lot. We should not evaluate a person by his car or income. I am left in awe.”

You care so much about women’s rights. How did this sensitivity begin?

It’s been like this since I was a kid. For 1.5 years, I have been coaching important names on women’s rights in an organization called ‘Inspire Justice’ in America.

We see the news of violence against women very often. What is your opinion?

As I read and dig deeper on these issues, I see that there is a systematic problem. This is a system that the patriarchal society insists on and the worst thing is oppression… Men are exposed to this as much as women. When it grows and takes shape under this pressure, injuries occur. It’s like that all over the world. There are also certain codes. Even in movies, heroines are revealed with certain codes of patriarchal society. I am also against them.

What kind of codes?

For example, if the baby is born a boy, everything will be blue, and if a girl is born, it will be pink. What a stupid code! I love powder pink as the color. Will a color make you a man? Or does talking about these kinds of topics make me more feminine?

Do these perceptions change?

Everything can change. It is wrong to comply with the system by saying that it does not change.

Do you interfere with the scenarios of your works?

In any job, if I find anything sexist in the script, I say “I won’t”. That’s why I love my current job, there is a woman standing on her feet in our story.

Marie Claire 2016

Marie Claire 2016

Kerem Búrsin, who has not appeared in the social environment for a long time, will be on the screens very soon with the series “Bu Sehir Arkadan Gelecek “(Heart of the City). For Kerem, who ís experiencing the excitement of the project, everything ís actually the return of a long preparation process. His passion for acting, which he could not hide while talking, the difficult journey he had for the series, the life he was fed with experiences and of course love. Let’s introduce you to Kerem Búrsin agaín. Believe me, you will love him too!

l am writing this introduction while listening to the song Kerem chose at the end of the interview. I have read so much about him that unlike the other interviewers, I had no hesitation to go. I knew what kind of energy I would encounter. As a matter of fact, the result of this was a ‘conversation’ of one hour and 17 minutes. Kerem retreated to rest after the TV series “Gúnesi Beklerken”, “Seref Meselesi”, and the occasional film “Unutursam Fisilda”. Of course, if you describe traveling around the world and gaining new experiences as resting… Kerem Búrsin, who will be making a comeback with his new series, “Bu Sehir Arkadan Gelecek”, is waiting impatiently for the character of boxer Ali to meet with the audience. We are talking about a realistic comeback. He wants to make the most of his hours of training, character studies and most importantly, the time he devotes to himself. So how is life going
for him? He is very happy with what the universe has to offer him now. Although turning thirty makes him uneasy, he believes that he will save the situation with his ‘never regret’ philosophy. He reads, writes and likes to dream of making his own music video while on the subway. Kerem Búrsin ¡is someone you really want to know.

First, let’s clarify that; Bursin or Búrsin?
Búrsin, …

So what does it mean?
It was a name in the Oguz Turks.

Those who have interviewed you before wrote that they were always nervous before meeting you. Why do you think this perception occurs?
I do not know… People have a prejudice, but I don’t know why there is such a perception of famous people. I am surprised at this too.

So how do you deal with being so popular?

If I say I don’t think I’m very popular? There are people who are much more popular than I am. When someone wants to take a picture, I don’t think ”m popular, that’s why”. I say ‘Maybe he watched a drama

“. Especially now, since I have not been involved in any projects for a year and a half, the interest shown is weird. ‘Do you know me?’ there are moments I say.

Do you go out too often?
Yes, | go out, but I don’t go to clubs like that, more to dinner. I love my house very much. At the same time, listening to myself and being with my close friends.

You said to ‘listen to myself”. Then you must love to be alone with yourself…
Absolutely! It is a very important time period. I think everybody should dedicate at least half an hour a day to themselves.

What do you think at such moments?

Whatever comes to my mind at that moment … I have a notebook, I write free articles there. Usually, it is related to world problems. Observation is also very important in our profession, so I am obsessed with details. My teacher used to say; “You can stare at a leaf for half an hour, but if you do, you can write about it for half an hour.” I’m trying to do it that way.

We now know very well that you lived in various parts of the world. What did all these
journeys bring you?

You can adapt very quickly; regardless of person, place, culture… You live in Indonesia for three years and then move on to Dubai. You are in Texas and then in Malaysia … You learn to recognize and respect different ideas, people and beliefs. And most importantly, you know people well.

How did you decide to make a definite return to Turkey?

There was always a hunger in this regard. Especially after I graduated from college … My last semester at college was in Los Angeles and I decided to become an actor there. I started having an identity problem there. When I said l’m Turkish” in the castings, they’d ask, ‘What did you do in Turkey?. And when I said, “l didn’t do anything,” they said, “Then you’re An American”. No, I am not. It’s a family ownership. They have always instilled in me that I am Turkish. Despite all this, I always think; Yes, you are Turk, but how Turkish are you?’. There was a question. When I realized how little I knew about something I owned so much of, I started thinking about whether to return. I believe in this very much; sometimes it is necessary to surrender. I have a controlling disease; so to surrender is not easy for me. But the universe offers you the opportunity to surrender. If not, it puts you in such a situation that you have to. It happened to me too. In 2011 I lost my best friend there. And at that point I decided to return to Turkey. I wanted to get away from what I knew, find myself, and I turned back and did my first military service.

Where did you do your military service?

In Burdur. | don’t want it to be misunderstood; I did military service by payment. You have a uniform over there, it doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone is serving something equal and common. I questioned whether I wanted to act or not because I realized that life isn’t very long. It’s easier when you say, “yes, l’m going to act to the end”. I didn’t want to say, “l wish l’d done this”. So, I decided to continue acting.

Which subject did you have the most adaptation problem upon your return?

On the subject of people. Inevitably, there is a class system here. When I first arrived, I could not understand. When I got on the subway, my friends said, “Are you crazy, why are you taking the subway?” they said. ls there anything as beautiful as a subway? Moreover, you are with many people in the subway. You can listen to your own music.
How many times did I shoot my own music video in those subways? (Laughs) Now of course it saddens me to be a little deprived of these. Especially disrespect … The value of respect here is often measured by the thickness of the wallet. Besides all these, we are a warm society. You can be with the shopkeepers in the neighbourhood. This is one of the things I love about here.

Where were you settling when you first arrived?

Il was in Bomonti. I have very important memories over there.

Well, let’s keep talking about acting what excites you about your career right now?

New drama … It’s a new world and the character ¡is quite exciting.

Noticed what you missed after such a long break?

I missed both the homework and the adrenaline and discomfort that the whole event brought. It was very important for me to stay away for a year because now my tank is empty. While I was in Gúnesi Beklerken (Waiting for the Sun), Unutursam Fisilda (Whisper If I Forget), and in Seref Meselesi (Matter of Respect) right after, I felt lost at this pace. It was a very good break for me to observe, live and feel. That’s why I’m so excited right now. l have focused on a sport for in my life. Let me say this; While boxing, you wear a boxing helmet to avoid any damage to your face. After a while, I said ‘lt doesn’t happen like this, never mind’ and took it off. I said ‘if my nose is going to be broken, at least my character will be more realistic’. With protection, I would never have been able to grasp 100 percent of the incident. The psychology that this event makes me feel is more interesting to me. Because then I can understand what will come out of my box. Thanks to my teachers, they evaluate my training as if I am a boxer, not a player; they never hurt.

Well, who are you working with for boxing?

With different boxing coaches such as Burak Ugur from Bujin and Tony Jeffries in the USA. There were times when I passed out in many training sessions and wanted to quit, but no matter what, the psychology of not giving up is different and important for my character. I can say it is the most difficult and enjoyable sport I have ever done.

Your partner will be Saadet Igil Aksoy in the new directory. What kind of duo do you think you will be? What are your feelings?

l am very happy! He’s an actor that I like and respect. It’s an exciting feeling to be working with an actor you like. I think we will do a very good job.

After all, you are telling a story on the screen. What do you want them to feel thinking as you convey this story to the audience?

What excites me the most is that the text is always positive, no matter how tragic it is. You watch movies and somehow it feels or motivates you. This series has a success story, tells about the challenges and overcoming them. I hope we will be able to give the message ‘you can’ to our audience.

So how do you handle it when your role and your character collide?

I think it is wrong to think this way anyway. I have to remove this; this is my job. This does not mean; I do everything. Events should be viewed from a logical perspective. But ultimately this is one of the situations that makes this profession exciting.

Until now, you have always been involved in drama-based TV series and projects. Do you think it would be funny if a comedy project came along?

(Laughs) I’m thinking and I would totally love it! For example, it could be a romantic comedy that
combines action and comedy. Or a situation comedy with a very different script. Why not?

You started acting with theatre in Texas. Do you consider going back on stage?

I would love to. Several offers had come. I hope it happens one day.

What is equivalent to your passion for acting in your life?

l’m not a selfish person, but when it comes to acting, I feel selfish. This is another love. I know that I will never be ‘okay’ because as we age, your game box and the ingredients change. To be a good actor, you have to know yourself very well, what your weaknesses and fears are. If you are at peace with yourself, you will become a free actor.

You said, ”l’ll never be okay’ but there will be times when you feel successful …

It depends a bit on the project. Maybe the project is not successful but your work is successful. With what can you measure success? If | am satisfied with my job, it is success for me. But that doesn’t mean I’m still a successful actor.

Let’s talk a little bit about life. Are you living a life that you’ve always wanted?

Of course, but I have a lot more to live for. Otherwise, it would be boring. Talking about today; yes, I am quite happy. Of course, I have goals, and I couldn’t even get close to most of them, but I love the ladder I use right now.

Does it bother you to be able to access everything so easily?

It is very sad. It causes us to consume faster, I feel sorry for us. When you go to a concert, you cannot decide whether you take a photo, share it on social media or watch my concert. Why are you at that concert? I think people do this just to be able to share something, to create a perception. This is living for others, not for yourself. We inevitably get lazy. Sometimes I catch myself. When I want to know something, I immediately take the phone out of my pocket. I think all of these make us lose our humanity. Things like the feature A.l (artificial intelligence) and the Quantum Computer produced by Google scare me a lot. I don’t want our future to be in the hands of robots. I want to deal with people.

What is the line that separates a man’s love from a woman’s love?

You are completely different! You are always a few more steps ahead. Love makes one become different when it enters a person’s life. l’d rather be alone for five years than having a lot of awkward relationships. Some people have a lot of nonsense relationships because they can’t be alone. The best example of love in my life was that of my grandmother and grandfather. They have a relationship that I have taken as an example since my childhood.

In that case, falling in love or is it falling in love with love?

The people I just mentioned who don’t like being alone are people who fall in love with the idea of falling in love. He used to say, ‘I want to buy flowers and take them to dinner” is to fall in love with this love. What he cares about there is not the person, but the concept …For me, love is wanting to share an energy with that person.

What feelings should a man feel in his life?

I think it’s the most important thing for a man to take care of himself. Then it feels strong. I don’t mean physical strength here. Respecting a woman, being a gentleman. These behaviours are things that show the difference between a man and a woman. I don’t want to say ‘take care of a woman’ because every woman can take care of herself. I’m talking about ‘being a man’. After all, it is very important for a person to experience and feel various emotions.

The definitions used for you ‘perfectness’, ‘object of desire”, ‘an inside out”… How many of
them do you think reflect the real Kerem?

I don’t know… I’m trying to be myself. I don’t need any more. Sure, it feels strange to hear such words. Am I such a man? Probably not. I also have flaws in this life.

What do you think will be the difference between Kerem in his 20s and Kerem in his 30s?

I want not to regret the decisions I made in my 30s. This will be the philosophy of my 30s; ‘Live without regret!’ I feel that I will get younger at that age. It is necessary to live life to the fullest.

What are you doing to keep your body fresh as well as your mind?

I read and write books. I have many notebooks. The other day I received a notebook I wrote in 2007. I wrote an article about what to do about acting at the airport. It has been ten years since, and sometimes one cannot believe where he has come.

If I wanted you to close this interview with a song…

Then get a new song; I say No Good from Kaleo.

Elle 2015

Elle 2015

Kerem Bürsin drew attention with his first work. He shone in the TV series Waiting for the Sun. Agreed, he is extre

mely handsome. lt is not only his appearance, but his acting ís also a factor in this rise! Finally, we are curio

us about the private life of the young actor, who is also the campaign face of Mavi in the new season

. What does Kerem Bürsin think about love: Our Topics Editor Suzan Yurdacan had a sincere and warm interview with Bürsin, who was the guest of our cover with the famous model Frida Aansen in our February-2015 issue. Here, in his words, love!

The good news came one after the other: TV series, awards, you became the advertising face of Mavi…. And you are still surprised by all of them. Are you afraid that you will lose this feature one day?

I don’t think I will ever lose this feeling. Frankly, I am truly and sincerely surprised by all of them. All this is very strange, very. I sat down on New Year’s Eve and thought about this and 2014. It felt like someone else’s life; it seemed unreal. I realised I can’t get out it I was just grateful. Sometimes these thoughts fall into my mind before I go to sleep. I had a dream for almost 10 years and thought, what should I do after my dream, how can I improve  myself? For many years nothing happened persistently; I continued to try and work saying that this will always remain a dream. l’m living that dream now.

Wasn’t it clear that this would eventually happen?

l have diaries that I have kept for years. Sometimes I open those diaries and look, it sounds good. I say to myself,  come to your senses, calm down.

So, you live beyond your dreams …

Right now? What’s happening right now is completely strange. My dream ¡is to become an actor, earn enough money to support myself and start a family with that money… But if it wouldn’t work, then I would do other jobs, that’s it! To be the cover of a magazine, these didn’t cross my mind long ago!

What did you feel when you got the mavi’s offer?

When they give me this news, my first question is “Are you sure?” it happened. When my PR, Zerrin (Ersú) said this from my agency (Gaye Sókmen), I said, “Does Mavi want me? Are you sure?” I asked persistently. I was surprised.

Kerem Bursin, Frida Aasen - Elle Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (February 2015) I was very proud. We were talking about dreams; this is one of them.

Do you still keep diaries?

Not every day but yes, I still keep a diary.

Do you remember your first childhood love? How old were you?

I was just that kid, exactly the “man of love”! I was very “in love”. When I was seven, l insisted my mother to take the girl I liked to the restaurant. The girl’s mother called my mother and said, “Is your son crazy? At the age of seven, what restaurant, let them go to a burger shop”, she said. I was a person who believed in romance very much. I think this is related to the example I saw at home.

Is there a couple whose love you envy and take as an example?

My parents, of course, but recently, my grandmother and grandfather, since I have been in Turkey and spent a lot  of time with them. Nowadays, I say this very deeply: I hope and I hope I will have a marriage like theirs. They have been married for 60 years and are still so in love with each other. They enjoy going to the cinema and the opera together and listening to music side by side. Recently my grandfather was in the hospital. I am with him in the room, my grandmother is outside. My grandfather can see her because the door is open. He has serum on his arm, l’m talking to him but he’s not present there. His eyes are always on my grandmother…He tries to understand whether she’s okay or crying, he’s totally focused on her. Then he called her and said “don’t worry, | will not let you go”, they both cried…Seeing this, one’s expectations and standards about love rise very high.

Those who say “There is no love, nobody falls in love anymore” are not few. Is love out of fashion?

I think love can never be out of date. Love is the strongest emotion one can feel. That’s why since the first existence of mankind, stories about love have been written, songs and poems about love have been written and pictures have been drawn. It’s hard to find a love like my grandparents. But it’s not impossible.

Did your parents talk to you about relationships and love in your time?

My father did it.

Did you object, Dad I don’t want to listen?

No, we have a very different relationship with my father. Since we changed countries every three years, my agenda was always changing, my family was the only one that remained stable. When we moved to a new country, sometimes the only support I could get was my parents. That’s why we formed a completely different bond, we became like friends. My dad has always been very clear, even strict, about how I treat women since I was little. Since there are two very precious women in my life, my mother and my sister, he told me how to treat them as a boy, as a man. If you can handle this at home, you can handle it outside. We always talked about these with my father, and I try to apply them all.

Have you ever been the party to give advice to your father?

Of course. Let’s say they had an argument with my mother, I see my mother’s situation at home, my father is here. I immediately send him a message like “my mother is really sad”, my father comes home with flowers, they get better. Even if my father will choose a gift for my mother, he takes my opinion.

What has love taught you about yourself?

Kerem Bursin, Frida Aasen - Elle Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (February 2015)I think the person you fall in love with inspires you. For that first love I mentioned, I would find a different flower at the end of each month, put it in an envelope, write its story, turn it into a poem. lf it weren’t for a girl, I wouldn’t have thought of doing such a thing in life. Or I wouldn’t learn to play the guitar for another girl. Love makes people better, more creative. Because of love, I learned to write poetry, play the guitar, and cook!

The best love movie you’ve ever seen? And the city you find most romantic?

The Notebook and Love Story; There is also a completely different love for Kramer Kramer, played by Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman, which tells about father and son. When I first watched The Notebook, I said, I hope this kind of love will happen to me, too. A story that turns life into a dream. I think love should make people feel that they are living a dream, how lucky they are. As for the most romantic place, Cambodia is where I wish I could fall in love and bring my lover there. But I also say this about Istanbul.

If I say to draw a romantic situation… lt is?

Always my dream, to get on a plane with the person I love and disappear. lt seems very romantic to me.

Do you want this done to you?

There is no way l’d want to. | will definitely do it!

Grazie Magazine 2015

Grazie Magazine 2015


Kerem Bursin - Grazia Magazine Cover [Turkey] (11 November 2015)You understood the feature of this issue as soon as you looked at the cover: In this issue of “Special for men”, we made a little positive discrimination and brought a man “very sensitive” to women to our cover. I did! l am appre

ciative of the fans who realized that they would see Kerem on the cover and quickly wrote messages and e-mails that they were waiting for us with curiosity since that day; we hope that we are here with a cover that w

ill not disappoint their excitement. Kerem ¡s a name that everyone speaks and follows with his professional rise and good looks in recent years. What makes us love more is his sensitivity to women’s lives, problems and obligations. Kerem, who has produced joint projects with many non-governmental organizations seeking organized solutions to women’s issues, has been raised as a real “gentleman”, and above all, we should thank his parents who should be taken as an example for raísing such a special person. Parents who know how important it is to teach male children to respect and love women can only be a solution to the fundamental problem in Turkey where raising a boy begins by sharing naked baby photos and men are always expected to be “superior”. Ironically, a historically relevant news item in our sp

ecial issue for men confirms this: Although the astronomically growing numbers of femicide are surprising even statisticians, our lawyers continue to impose penalties on femicide crimes for
incredible reasons. As this number goes to print, a killer who “killed because he loved passionately’ was granted penalty reduction for “passionately loving” the women. The same unbelievable outcome was experienced in the trial of Deger Deniz, the 17-year-old murderer of a victim who “who broke his pride”. Hoping that we will cease to be a society in which men are made superior as soon as they are born!


To be honest, | was a little nervous before meeting Kerem Búrsin at Babylon Kilyos for the cover shoot last week. As you know, he ís a recent star name, everyone admires him, his name is like the definition of the handsome in the girl’s dictionary. So much so, when 1 told a few of my girlfriends that I was going to interview him, they said, “Maybe assistants would be needed, we can come”. Under normal circumstances, my friends who do not put the glass from here to there. Therefore, a name that everybody admires so much, | didn’t think “God knows what kind of ego he has?”. But Kerem Búrsin surprised me. More than enough. I am not exaggerating, I have never chatted with such a humble, zero-ego and sincere actor ín my life.

The day we met for the shoot was really cold. Also consider the wind of the Black Sea beaches. Not once did Kerem complaín about his condition and ended the shooting he started with a smile. After a pleasant meal break, we went across the fireplace to warm up and started a conversation. My first question to him was very cliche: “How does It feel to be Kerem Búrsin?”. He didn’t really understand my question. He was a little embarrassed when 1 said “You are a phenomenon”. He said, “No such thing. I am not in the mood of Kerem Búrsin’ / call a person who saves lives a phenomenon, which ís very serious.” He added, “Of course I take my profession and acting very seriously,but it is a little strange to say ‘l am this, l am that”.

We chatted with Kerem from branch to branch. We started from cooperation with Sóze Mavi.

Kerem Bursin - Grazia Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (11 November 2015)

Mavi’s ads are really impressive. How does it feel to take part in these campaigns?

It will be a year in our collaboration with Mavi. And surprise! We are together in the upcoming period. Ou

r excitement continues mutually. Both the last two commercials shot on the subway were very nice

. This is due to the quality of Mavi. It is a really amusing feeling to be a part of the brand. Sometimes I stop to be grateful. In fact, I am very grateful. I’m acting, I’m working with Mavi. I was following Mavi while I was living abroad. It’s amazing to be a part of it now.

What was the breaking point of your life?

I studied college in Boston. I spent my last semester in Los Angeles. It was there that I decided that I wanted to spend my 100% life as an actor. That was my breaking point. At that time, I had a great job offer, but I did not accept it. I chose a road with many risks; I learned a lot. Let’s see what will happen.

Did you come to Turkey to be an actor?

No. My purpose for coming here wasn’t exactly acting actually. lt was a question mark for me. You are trying to start a career and unfortunately it is a little difficult. You are floundering for a while. I was looking for a discovery while coming here; discovering myself. Advantages of being a Turk, being in Turkey is like coming back to my home.

How old were you when you Left?

My mother and father are also Turkish. I left when I was 10 months old. It’s been great for me to come back to Turkey to get to know myself and my country. At some point, people have an identity problem. I travelled all my life because of my father’s profession. I bought something from every culture, but the basic culture you see at home is the most important.

There is no place you didn’t live, from Indonesia to Texas. What is it like to be so

It’s what makes me who I am. Nobody knows if this is a plus or a minus. Travelling the world has pros and cons for some. For example, you never have childhood friends. My closest childhood friend was my sister. You always press a reset button and you start a new life. It depends on your point of view. It must have been a plus for me, I don’t know any other way.

And of course, you left some broken hearts after traveling around the country?

l hope I didn’t. I cannot say that I am in love with every person I date. Love is a very simplified word in the period we are already living in. You date a person for a few months and people start asking, “Are you thinking about getting married?”

Kerem Bursin - Grazia Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (11 November 2015)

Are you thinking of getting married?

I want to get married a hundred percent, but not now. I want to have a family and children.

Well, what do you think about love?

Love awakes a lot of things in a human. lt is a great source of inspiration. You do things you don’t do, you say what you don’t say you are doing things you could not think of, you are hungry for self-improvement. You grow up with love. You always want to be better. This is something instinctive. It’s not about self- appreciation. It is no coincidence that so many novels, poems have been written and pictures have been drawn for centuries thanks to love.


What are you looking for in a woman?

I think it is very difficult to be a woman in this world. The woman’s ideas, dreams, standing on her own feet, her stance attract me. Unfortunately, there is no gender equality in the world. This is a situation caused by lack of education. It’s a very sad event. I think women are more valuable than men. We exist thanks to them.

What are you doing on this topic?

We have worked with UN Women and AGEV so far. Recently, we released T-shirts with Mavi and ACEV. They are sold in Mavi stores. Our aim is to contribute to ACEV’s support for women and literacy training. I guess some people have question marks in their minds, “Is this money really donated to ACEV?”. The income of the t-shirts is donated 100% directly to ACEV. I also had studies on this subject while in America.

Is this a tenderness your mother gives you?

Both my mother and father. My father has been very careful about the respect women need, since I was little.

Like your father’s treatment of your mother?

There is that too, but not just that. The basis of the event starts with respect for human beings. My family is very sensitive about this. Of course, things seem strange and wrong when you live in different cultures and religions, but you have to respect. This turns into a respect for humanity. My father’s greatest advice is to respect. Am I the
most respectful person in the world? of course not. We are humans, we have weaknesses, but I always pay attention to be respectful.

By the way, are you one of those who go shopping with his mother?

Kerem Bursin - Grazia Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (11 November 2015)

l was for a long time, but now it’s difficult because they’re in America. I love going shopping with my mom.

Do your tastes match?

She knows my tastes because she understands me. Comfort is the most important thing to me. I have a t-shirt, I have been wearing it for 9-10 years. lt was full of holes but very comfortable.

Are your current plans to continue living in Turkey?

I do not know. I love living in Turkey. I can also act here, something I love. lt is also a place I can truly call my hometown. People have no trouble speaking my name. I always had to make a statement abroad. Kerem is the Turkish name.

Why are you so in love with acting?

For me, the most attractive thing about acting is that you can never say “l am”. You work in a company, you become a CEO, you say “I’m done”. But there is no such thing in acting. You always bring a new character to life. This is also a discovery in a psychological sense. You try to understand that character and when you identify with yourself, you learn a lot from him. And this is a never-ending event.

How is one day of Kerem Búrsin?

I wake up in the morning and go to the gym. l’ve been boxing for a year. lt is a very difficult sport both physically and mentally. It’s based on strategy, but you don’t have much time to think. You have to act fast and make a quick decision. You have to know everything very well, it’s are very difficult. I also run in between. Apart from that, my acting education still continues. l’m going to Los Angeles now. I will work a little with my acting coach. Since I am not acting in a TV series right now, I got time to read lots of books.

Kerem Bursin - Grazia Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (11 November 2015)What did you read last?

I have read Sine Ergún’s book titled “Burasi Tekin Degil” (“It’s not safe here”). I love to read Turkish books.
Nowadays I am reading real stories and personal development books. I also like historical books.

Is there a book you turn around and read again?

Shel Silverstein’s poetry book “The Giving Tree”. It’s a very simple children’s book, you read it in 10 minutes, but it’s very special to me. lt has very good comments about humanity.

The last question is, is Hollywood in your acting destination?

There is. It’s a bit like a champions league.



Screen Anarchy 2010

Screen Anarchy 2010

S-11, the Navy’s shark/octopus genetic hybrid was supposed to be its next super weapon; but, instead, it got away from them during a Santa Monica show of force, swam south to Puerto Vallarta, and became the SyFy Channel original movie Sharktopus (2010): cheap, trashy and with a catchy theme song, directed by SyFy alumni Declan O’Brien. At Twitch, Todd Brown offered up the film’s trailer and Twitch teammate Andrew Mack expressed his fun watching the film on screener, notably the Puerto Vallarta pool scene where Sharktopus‘s gun-for-hire Andy Flynn (Kerem Bürsin) holds his breath underwater, surfaces wearing a sombrero, and invites two lovely Latinas to tequila balls. What an entrance! The second in a series of research interviews with the hunks of horror–the first being Chris DiVecchio (Wolf Moon)–Kerem Bürsin candidly discussed going the way of low-budget genre to further his acting career.

Judging by your name, I presume you come from a Turkish background? Where were you raised? When did you become interested in acting? How did you go about training for same?

I’m impressed, my name is indeed Turkish, I was born in Istanbul and my family’s all Turkish. As far as being raised, that’s a tricky question, because I’ve had somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle. I’ve lived in several parts of the world (Istanbul, Turkey; Edinburgh, Scotland; Medan, Indonesia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ankara, Turkey; Dubai, UAE; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Sugar Land, Texas; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California). Instinctively you assimilate to these places and their cultures, and essentially these things rub off on you and the experiences produce “you”.

I’ll say I owe a lot of who I am now to my time spent in Sugar Land, Texas (my high-school days) and Boston, Massachusettes (my college days). I got my feet wet with acting in middle school but high school is when I started appreciating it. I did the school plays and musicals, but never took them seriously. I either played supporting or ensemble roles. At the time I was heavily involved with music, playing gigs and writing music is all I really cared about. In Texas, there’s this competition between all the high-schools called UIL, its where you cut a play down to 40 minutes and perform it in a competition setting. So my senior year, all of the guys in our band were all going to audition for this play. I remember being livid because I felt like they weren’t taking the band seriously, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I decided that I would audition, and I ended up getting the lead; go figure.

Anyways, the play director–who turned out to be my first real acting teacher–took a huge chance on me with this play, considering I had only done small roles previously. The play was, The Mariner by Don Nigro; I was Christopher Columbus. So after I graduated high school, I went to Emerson College up in Boston.

As much as I wanted to study acting, I had to make a deal with my parents, telling them that I’d get my education in a field that offers “real” jobs. Now that I look back on it, I’m glad we did that. In my mind, the closest thing to acting was marketing, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I got lucky though, I originally wanted to stay in Texas, but my mom one day found Emerson College; and the great thing about Emerson is that it’s known for its film and acting program, so I was surrounded by a bunch of talented film makers and actors who were eager to shoot anything and everything. In a sense, it was a mini Hollywood. So I was a marketing major during the week, and on the weekends I literally made sure I was on any and every student film. Then I got myself involved with doing the acting classes with local casting directors, studied with some professors, dialect coaches, did the plays, the student films, all the good stuff and now I’m currently with Eric Morris furthering my education.

The publicity around Sharktopus focused largely on the production cred of Roger Corman. I can’t help hoping that your involvement with Sharktopus will bring you the same good fortune it brought Jack Nicholson, who–as I’m sure you know–kickstarted his career in such early Corman productions as Little Shop of Horrors (1960), The Raven (1963), and The Terror (1963), to name a few. That’s my key interest: that precedent of young actors earning their first breaks in low-budget features. It worked for Nicholson. It worked for Mr. Depp. How did you become involved in this Corman production? Did you have the opportunity to interact with him much and, if so, have you any anecdotes to share about him?

I can only hope for a fraction of the amazing career someone like Jack Nicholson has had, but the bottom line is that it’s no coincidence that tremendous actors like Jack Nicholson or Johnny Depp have achieved such successful careers. Regardless what my outcome may be in the long run, it’s definitely an honor to say that Roger and Julie Corman were the ones to give me my first chance in Hollywood. To be a part of Roger Corman’s alumni is priceless to me.

The way I got involved with this project is one of those freak accidents. You hear about it and you ask yourself, “Wow, that sort of thing really happens?” I had a 9-to-5 at a boutique marketing firm that paid my bills, but they were very supportive and were flexible enough to let me go to auditions. One day at work, a friend of mine who worked at ICM at the time called me and said, “Don’t care you’re at work, stop what you’re doing, send me your headshot and resume now, ok bye.” Confused, I sent her my stuff but didn’t think much of it. I got a call a couple of hours later from another mutual friend who also works at ICM and he said, “You have an audition on Monday at 9:00AM, be there, you’ll have the script tonight.” Click. I had no idea what was going on, just that my two friends were pulling some covert ops stuff. The next few days, I’m thinking this is going to be your everyday audition, where you go to this casting bungalow, sign in, eye a few of the other actors and wait. Yay! There was no bungalow, no other actors, just me at the New Horizons Production office. I remember thinking, “I’m not supposed to be here and I’m gonna be escorted out very shortly by some security guard.”

One thing lead to another and I ended up reading for both Julie and Roger Corman. I guess an anecdote would be my audition, during which I froze. Not a little stutter, but a full stop, where I had to start all over again. Roger should probably be on the World Poker Tour because he was absolutely unreadable. Julie was really nice and told me to start over again, and so I did and that was that. I left feeling miserable, thinking I had this amazing opportunity that I completely botched. A few days later, I got a call from my friend at ICM saying I got the role; I think he was just as surprised as I was. It was one of those moments in time where you’ll always remember it like it was yesterday. Then before I knew it, I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Both Julie and Roger were there for a couple of days, and they were great. I really can’t stress that enough.

The project also gained some traction by casting Eric Roberts in the role of the truly misguided Dr. Sands. What was it like working with Eric?

Working with Eric was a blast! He’s a ton of fun on set and a very generous actor. I was lucky to have worked with an awesome group of people because everyone was just looking to help one another out. I won’t lie, having this be my first actual film, I was anxious as hell when I heard that Eric Roberts would be in this movie. You think of movies like Runaway TrainPope of Greenwich Village, and even The Dark Knight (which I’ve easily seen a thousand times), and was nervous until the first time I actually met him. I didn’t know what he’d be like to work with or any of that. I never had experience working with someone at his caliber, you know? But he turned out to be a great guy and I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him.

When you responded to my request for an interview, you seemed almost surprised that I would have taken the time to watch the premiere of Sharktopus on the SyFy Channel. Does that imply a certain embarrassment on your part with the project? Or did you not have a sense that this is one of those big slabs of cheese that lots of folks–myself included–were looking forward to slapping on their sandwich?

Oh no, there is no embarrassment on my part whatsoever; I’m still amazed that I get to say that Sharktopus was my first. To me, the movie is an acquired taste, and if someone takes it too seriously than I fear they may be missing the point–and the fun. Before Sharktopus even came out, the internet was writing about it; I figured that the buzz would stay on the internet and the twitterverse and that would be the end of it. I call this a pleasant surprise.

My understanding is that–along with its SyFy premiere–Sharktopus was also included in the lineup at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas where Roger and Julie Corman were honored with the “SyFy Imagine Greater” Lifetime Achievement Award. I know Sharktopus director Declan O’Brien was also in attendance; but, did you take part in that one-off screening/celebration?

No, I actually didn’t get to go. But Declan called me when they were there and apparently it was a blast and everyone had a great time.

How was Declan O’Brien as a director? As a young actor, what did you learn from the experience of working with him?

Declan was awesome, a great guy and a better director to work for; he’s become a great friend. As someone starting off, and this being my first major production, Declan was well aware of it, and made sure to take care of me in that sense. When I wasn’t working or in a scene, he’d have me next to him watching the monitors and he’d show what works, different kinds of shots, proper terminology, finding proper light, all those valuable things you learn with experience. He truly took me under his wing.

To what extent did you and Declan shape your performance between playing it straight and hamming it up?

Regarding the performance, we knew what the film was: it was a campy movie. But as far as the characters go, they lived in a world where there are possibilities of Sharktopi running wild killing people, so there’s truth in that. Movies like that simply don’t work unless you take them seriously as an actor.

What was the mood like on set?

It was a hectic shoot, and since this was my first experience I really had nothing to compare it to, but I was told from people with more experience that it definitely was one of a kind. I think that’s what made this shoot a special one. By the end, I felt like everyone had a sense of closeness, almost like family, and it was because of all the crazy funny outrageous stories we lived through together. I was constantly on set even if I wasn’t working. It was a great time.

When you first read the script for Sharktopus, what did you think? What were for you the pros and cons of accepting the role of Andy Flynn?

When I first read the script it had a different title, but the character Sharktopus was still all over it and I totally ate it up, loved it! I mean, when I read the script I was reading the possibilities of the things I would be able to do as Andy Flynn. When you think about that, it’s exciting: fighting a huge half shark half octopus! Not a lot people can say they’ve done that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of the team that kills a sharktopus? It was a no brainer.

Your bracing good looks proved the perfect balance to the many bikini-clad bodacious babes bouncing around in Sharktopus, how did you get in shape for the role? And do you have any issues with edging into the industry through such beefcake performances? Was there any clause in your contract requiring a certain number of times your shirt had to come off? I’m kinda joking, but kinda not.

Well this is the perfect time to introduce my new product, the Sharktopus Survival Home Workout System! I’m kidding, unless Vince Offer is reading, then I’m serious. I guess I’ve always been the type that loves to be active. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin on the days I haven’t gone for a run, swim, or a workout. To me it’s time where I can put on headphones and really collect my thoughts. In the end I worked with my personal trainer to put together the “Andy Flynn” workout, which meant that my day started in the gym at 5:00AM and ended at the gym after work until I went to bed. The diet was tough, it really required a scheduled and strict lifestyle, which aren’t adjectives people usually use to describe me. And no, there was no contractual stipulation for my shirt; in the script I think he only has it off once or twice.

You handled the action in the film quite competently. Do you aspire to become an action star? What types of roles do you hope to play in the future and what’s your strategy to compete in Hollywood?

I appreciate that. I don’t necessarily aspire to be an action star, however much fun I do think it would be to jump off buildings, be in a badass costume, and learn some awesome fight choreography. My goal, overall, is to make my resume a colorful one. Strategy is to keep moving forward.

 I imagine that competition in Hollywood is fierce. How do you let off steam and bring yourself back to Earth?

I’ve lived in a lot of places, and Hollywood is certainly one of a kind. As weird as it may sound, I think that the roles I get were somewhat meant for me, and the roles I don’t get are for someone else. Maybe that’s not the right way to look at it, but it keeps me sane. There are definitely those days where I have to remove myself from me “the guy pursuing acting as a career” and invest in someone or something else, like read a book, play music or go for a run. But if it weren’t for a couple of my friends, both in LA and not, I don’t know what I’d do. They play a huge part in all this.

Before Sharktopus, you played a role in Cameron Beyl’s short film The Architect, for which you received a nomination at the 2008 Evvy Awards for Outstanding Performance in the Film or Television category. Tell me about your involvement in that project and accessing the conflicted sensitivity of your character Craig?

Wow, I can’t believe you actually saw that. Cameron’s a good friend of mine, and I think when you’re working with a director that you know and are comfortable with, then it can be easier to express more complex emotions than it would be with a stranger. With the character Craig, I think timing was just perfect; I was going through a time in my life where my emotions and his just paralleled. I think with student films, I always took them as experiments and a chance to watch myself grow. I’m beginning to realize; however, that every day is sort of an experiment in and of itself.

What’s in the pipeline? Where do you hope your career to go in the next few years?

I can only hope for more projects to come through, and hopefully we’ll be able to talk about another film in the near future.

That would be welcome.

Some Men Summer 2018

Some Men Summer 2018

You are looking at a passionate soul standing in the middle of a deserted canyon. He continues on his way by embracing the messages that life gives him. It may take some time to figure out whether it is normal or abnormal . Moreover, you cannot put it in any mold. Listen carefully to what comes out of his mouth, as he is a pretty good storyteller.

In a world where it is not known exactly what it is to be abnormal, there are many definitions of normal. Do you consider yourself normal?

I don’t think I’m a normal person. It is certain that there is a ‘professional normal’ world, and I am very abnormal for that world.

Why did you study in Boston? Let’s find out what was going through his mind in those days.

I always wanted to act. My mom found Emerson College. They have a department on Entertainment Marketing, which I wanted to do something about. Moreover, it also has cinema, television and theater departments. I first got into marketing, and after my first year, I got involved in acting. Due to the education system, after the second year, you have to turn to either the film or the stage in terms of acting. I turned to the film and entered the film world.

Then why did you return to Turkey? Even though you have received such an education, returning to Turkey is perhaps an easy way out.

I did not plan to come to Turkey or to act here, even when I came, I was between quitting acting and not giving up. While in Los Angeles, I lost my best friend who lived in New York in a car accident. In times like these, people question their life. He realizes what he should devote more time to and what he is wasting time on. At that time, I started to feel like a robot. I didn’t have a particular lifestyle for me, because the system is taking you out of it. As you try to keep up with the pace of the system, you begin to lose your self. I was 24 years old and felt immersed in a system. I wanted to disappear a little and get away from it all. That’s why I came here. The first thing I did as soon as I arrived was to join the military. I stayed here when I returned. I still have no clear idea why I stayed, I just knew I didn’t want to go back. Then, I went to China, made a movie, came back. Acting continued. Meanwhile, I continued to question acting, whether it was worth it. Life gives you certain messages, it is important whether your perception is clear or not. So instead of the system, I let those messages guide my life. I wanted to live life like this because it was more interesting to me that way. So instead of the system, I let those messages guide my life. I wanted to live life like this because it was more interesting to me that way. So instead of the system, I let those messages guide my life. I wanted to live life like this because it was more interesting to me that way.

Have you had any adaptation problems?

Of course. I’ve built myself a temporary life here, yes, but I was thinking I’d be back in the summer. Then, Mine Güler appeared before me. He advised me to correct my Turkish and helped me. It made me believe that I could have an acting career in this country. Devrim Yakut and me got together and we worked with Devrim Abla for a few months. Afterwards, I crossed paths with D Yapım and Altan Dönmez, they believed in me and thus the story began.

GQ Turkey 2020

GQ Turkey 2020

There Is Another Chance Of Kerem Bürsin And That’s Kerem

Our life progresses in the company of seven-year breaks. Every seven years, we find ourselves in the middle of a radical change that will change the direction of our lives. Astronomy, astrology, cosmic order… This is one of the common discourses of different fields, beliefs and books. Sometimes our path, sometimes our job, spouse or power changes.

Perhaps the most severe of these fractures coincides with the early 30s. At a sharp fork in the road , you find the signs on which the words “Who are you, what are you, what do you want, where do you want to be” written on them in big letters .

It’s been seven years since the first episode of Kerem Bursin’s first TV series ‘Waiting for the Sun’ , which started his acting career in Turkey and made him one of the popular faces of the screen .

Just this year, Kerem seems to have completed his first cycle, the fruits of a new break are at hand: New TV series ( Seni Çal Kapımı ), independent film ( Eflatun ), new advertising campaign ( Under Armor ) and new GQ cover …

Let’s open the parenthesis one by one…

‘Sen Çal Kapımı’, in which he shared the lead role with Hande Erçel , is one of the most popular works of the season. The series soon extended beyond the borders of Turkey; It entered the ‘Trending Topic’ list on Twitter in countries such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The harmony and the right team between Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are shown as the success formula of the series.

Eflatun , directed by Cüneyt Karakuş and starring İrem Helvacıoğlu, is one of the most modern examples of the independent cinema genre that Kerem loves and wants to spend more time on in the future.

The Under Armor advertising campaign, on the other hand, is more layered than the brand-celebrity associations we know. Collaborating with names such as Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and Stephen Curry in the USA, the brand met with Kerem Bürsin in the Turkey leg. In the commercial directed by Kerem’s close friend Mu Tunç , the message is that the only way forward is progress and that real progress is only possible by shedding sweat and tears .

As far as we know, Kerem is a member of a family who grew up abroad and took on more responsibility as he flourished. Always the razor, the neat, the one who does not fail to respect. The one whose face never crumples like his shirt, who always looks like a razor; The Turkish youth ‘s dream of being an ‘American’ is the possibility of being ‘everyone’s sweetheart’ and the prince of the graduation ball in an American high school with a capacity of 4,000 students, nicknamed the “Turkish Cowboy” . He is an ideal Turkish man who can manage every relationship in life gently, who takes good care of his health and body, who takes care of his country’s language, problems and culture, and who seems like a dream come true .

He reminds himself of George Clooney’s words about ‘fame and acting’ in Robert Redford’s time: “At first you hate it. You feel depressed. Then you accept and start playing the game by the rules. You realize every action expected of you step by step. If you have the courage, you will sober up in time and realize that you can change the rules of the game you are in.”

According to Kerem, change is not a headline that comes suddenly at night, celebrated with the chirping of birds in the morning, announced to the world with the most flowery Instagram posts, and made headlines with a GQ interview. It is actually an unknown story of seeds that you unwittingly collected, hoarded or scattered around, some of which you accidentally stepped on and crushed.

“You plant perhaps hundreds of these seeds in your time, without realizing it. You have to locate them one by one and water them every day. Some may give thorns as they grow. It doesn’t matter, you have to keep watering; You don’t know what it will turn into. There will also be those who will give up. But inevitably, perhaps the unexpected will start to grow and surround you.”

This change is slowly tearing up the poster child versions of ‘Pose Kerem’ and replacing it with a more real Kerem.Can you introduce us?

“I think the pose you mentioned, Kerem, never existed. There was no such person,” he replies, in a calm tone. When he says, “I’m talking about the moments when your face seems more comfortable and you can relax a little and be yourself”, his face relaxes with a stiff smile this time.

As it approaches its seven-year cycle of refraction, there are moments of long tunnels through which it goes, darkening as it progresses. These are the moments when everything looks the brightest and most perfect from afar, from the outside, from the shop window.

It could also be an option to ‘blame’ the country, the sector, and those around him. On the contrary, he says, “If there is a situation in your life that goes wrong, you are the first to blame for it,  and takes the bill to himself. “It’s always a matter of time before you regain control of the steering wheel,” he says,“Just be aware.”

Then comes that ‘breaking’ moment. Both figuratively and literally. This is the moment he felt in his marrow, startled by his voice: “Last year, I broke my spine. I was in terrible pain that covered my whole body. I opened my eyes with a terrible pain. For a moment I thought I would never walk again . When I realized that I could hit the ground, I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I could see myself as the unluckiest person in the world because my spine was broken.”

According to Kerem, just like happiness, unhappiness is a choice.Realizing this, he can move chess pieces. As Kerem speaks, you feel the effects of his passing through a period where he reads, writes a lot, collects information, involuntarily sprinkles this information between sentences, and shares plenty of book recommendations.  Joe Dispenza ‘s book ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ is at the top of the list. He turns the advice “Take 20 minutes for yourself every morning” in the book into a morning routine and takes life out of his life for 20 minutes. In the remaining space, he is alone with himself. Sometimes he writes, sometimes he just sits and does nothing or talks to himself in front of the mirror.

“At the end of the day, you spend 24 hours with yourself. How much time do we actually spend on ourselves? I’m not talking about watching TV alone or reading a book. The main thing is to be able to stop, to put yourself in front of you, to put your thoughts in front of you, to look closely and to question your needs.”

In the same book, Dispenza also asks the reader: “How many times in history have we seen individuals who were thought to be fools, subjected to violence because of it, and then risen as geniuses, saints, or masters? Do you dare to be original?”

In response to this question of Dispenza, he crumbles all the stones in front of him that will hinder him with his own hands, getting a little closer to the real and natural. Living in Turkey now and getting used to the country’s culture and language has a lot to do with this situation: “I have always been at peace with my Turkish identity. For me, rather, a kind of discovery process began. As I explored, I got richer and deeper.”   There are expressions that he clings to and adopts, although he has nothing to do with fate or grief. For example, “It will be good.”

“As I used it, I started to relax. If it will happen, it will happen, it is indispensable. All is well, here it is… When you can look at life from here, you don’t tire yourself out by worrying about whether something is happening or not.”

At a time when the majority is trying to find their way and ‘cover’ abroad, Kerem runs in reverse; It connects to Turkey more and more every day. In the last seven years, when Kerem strengthened his ties with Turkey, many people left. According to TUIK data, 113 thousand 326 people left Turkey in 2017 alone. Two out of every five people who choose to live abroad are between the ages of 20-34. Kerem thinks he has more work to do here. He doesn’t just say it in a commercial sense: “The platform where I can influence people is much broader in Turkey and I’m excited to use it in a way that benefits society. At the end of the day, I want to work in America, but after this point, I will never leave Turkey.”

A post he made on his Instagram account, of which he has 5 million followers, to stop sexist discourse, received more than 270 thousand ‘likes’ and thousands of comments; It was a page-by-page news in the national press.  “Man comes into the world with the privilege of acting and speaking sexist in patriarchal societies. Most of them don’t even realize how sexist their actions and words are. This is the ‘package’ handed to him by society, he doesn’t even question it. Maybe because he didn’t grow up in similar words, every sexist expression stuck in the daily language bothers Kerem very much. Every time he hears such expressions on the street, on the set, during the day, he feels the need to correct. “Don’t curse like that. When I say that there are women around and you are hurting them, the answer is this: That is not my intention. How not?”

The issues he questions are profound. He is aware that these will not change by bringing up his subject in an interview and posting two Instagram posts on it.

“Why shouldn’t my favorite color be pink? For example, I have dozens of Instagram ‘stories’ that I wrote in pink. Will protecting women’s rights and raising my voice to end violence against women will make me less of a man? We should normalize them all together by talking and expressing them every time. Women don’t need men’s support or ‘owning’ them, women shouldn’t be hindered by men and a patriarchal society.”

While questioning all these, there is a sentence he repeats from time to time: “I don’t want to be a young man. I’m not that kind of man. I can’t spend my life being called the ‘handsome face of the screens’. I don’t want to be handsome or anything.”
On the contrary, he dreams of making absurd comedy, having fun just like in his TV series.

“I want to use my energy and my platform outside of work to defend my feminism and women’s rights. Until now, I could only show 20 percent of my true passion and what I wanted to say. I don’t have a word to be afraid of anymore.”

It reminds me of Steve Jobs’ famous phrase: “Often people don’t know what they need until you show it to them.”

And what they want to change… The plan to destroy the image of the “masculine, strong, invincible, indestructible man” that is layered upon… For the best




Esquire 2017

Esquire 2017

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

We like some people just because of their looks. We appreciate some of them for their character and humanity. It is a bit difficult to come across one that ‘really’ has both features nowadays. But it does not coincide either; just like Kerem Bürsin, the star of ‘This City Will Come Behind You’, which is broadcast on Atv these days. He has simplified life, his expectations are clear, he used to say to himself… You immediately get his energy and pure excitement while talking. As far as I know, Kerem got full marks from me. What can I say, his dreams come true, his way be open!

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

He is perhaps not the most ‘Turkish’ type among the names these lands have won. I say that this land has won, because until three years ago we were neither aware of it nor it is ours. I’m talking about Kerem Bürsin, who is at the top of the list of women’s ‘fans’ these days, not only with her distinctive personality, but also with her sympathetic accent and cute demeanor. With his European features, red hair and green eyes, Kerem immediately stood out from his competitors, and he got a plus point from me with his relaxed demeanor and uncomplicated character. I had some idea of ​​what he was like, of course. At least I had no doubt that his energy was quite high. I was not mistaken… It was enough for her to spread her positive energy as soon as she walked through the door of the studio where we were going to shoot the cover.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin, who lived at the age of 10 months first in Europe, then in the Middle East, and finally in the USA, due to his father’s job; He was born in 1987, Istanbul. He is the second child of an engineer father, who is a senior manager in an oil company, and a mother who has devoted her life mainly to social welfare projects. He has an older sister three years older than him. You know, a classic nuclear family. They are so interconnected, so interrelated. He saw the foreign face when he was only 10 months old. First Norway and then Scotland were the first stops of the Bürsin Family. After being in Far East cities such as Jakarta and Medan for a few years, they came to Ankara, where he attended the first grade of primary school. After Ankara, Dubai and Abu Dhabi… In 2000, they moved to Texas, the place where he was most affected and where his life was shaped. Because they spent most of their time here. After middle and high school, Kerem Bürsin went to Boston for university. He attended his last year of college in Los Angeles.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

I ask him what life has taught him, how living abroad for years has contributed to such a colorful and fast-paced life. His answer is as follows: “Of course, as you get older, you understand better that family means everything. Because everywhere you go, everything from the people around you to the culture of life you live in changes. Therefore, you are only alone with your family. Over time, they become your closest friends. You learn to do everything together, adapt to life together, and connect with each other.”

I have seen and lived how much a toy is worth for an orphan child. I’m more on the spiritual side of things than the material side. I’m a fan of living ‘small’. As you see different examples around you, your life is shaped in this direction.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

Just like his mother, he states that he learned how important it is to help those in need from his father, and most of all to be honest. As a result, I took on the responsibility of helping at a very young age. In high school, I spent three days a week with children who were exposed to violence. We would go to the movies with them, eat dinner with them, talk to them to make a positive contribution to their lives at a very young age. or I learned how important it is to help animals. We are obsessed with unnecessary things in life, we worry about ourselves. Taking part in social responsibility projects,It is very important in terms of being with those who need help and supporting them and having a positive impact on people’s lives.”

“We are obsessed with unnecessary things in life, we worry about ourselves. Taking part in social responsibility projects is very important in terms of positively affecting people’s lives.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

Meanwhile, his older sister deals with the script part of acting. She settled in Canada after receiving her master’s degree in New York. Although she is actually a photographer, these days she mainly deals with behind-the-scenes and script works. “My sister is the main artist of the family. She is tremendously talented, she definitely makes a difference in the work she does. I have to give her credit; when I decided to choose acting as a professional profession, my sister supported me more than my parents.” Explaining his devotion to his sister, the actor said, “My father is a man with a very developed organizational ability. He has a unique stance towards life. I think this trait has been passed down to me the most. We are both Gemini, I think we lose there. We are undecided.”

As someone who has lived in different cultures for years, I ask what it means to live abroad… “You learn to respect people’s opinions in every way possible. At the same time, you learn to be open to different ideas. First of all, you grow 100% open to all kinds of positive and negative criticism. Of course, this showed me how rich our world actually is. Your horizons are expanding… You learn to live together with people who are different from you, regardless of their opinion, belief or culture. For example, the social situation of my classmates and their families in the schools I have lived in until today was generally  the same.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

You go to private school and it’s not much different in the case of the 20 kids in your class. But when we moved to Texas, the situation was different. They enrolled me in a public school. It was a school of 4,000 people with different social opportunities. And so I had friends from every profile. For example, the whereabouts of my best friend’s father was unknown, and his mother was a cashier in a supermarket. Or vice versa. A friend of mine, whose father is the CEO of a large company, used to work at the pizzeria after school. It doesn’t matter who is what! So whoever comes from where; In this way, I learned to accept him as he is and that he is first and foremost a human being in front of me.” After that, I asked him if he had any confusion when he came to Turkey…

“Unfortunately, when I came here for the first time, I witnessed the opposite. Class discrimination is made, and a waiter is treated badly just because he is a waiter. However, the person serving you as a waiter at that moment will walk on the same sidewalk with you when you leave the restaurant, or the street you are sitting on. Sharing…”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

In fact, he decided to become an actor when he was a child. Sports occupied an important place in his life. He was on both the school’s and state’s swim teams. However, he stopped swimming after a while due to both the training that he had to attend very early in the morning and the intensity of his classes. Acting, which winked at him in those days, was now the element that excited him the most: “Actually, I realized that I like to do something as a team more than individually. It was precisely those days that I was interested in theater. Even if you are the leading role in the play, it is very nice to work as a team. ” Explaining his fondness for theater, Bürsin has always learned to work as a team thanks to theater. He was also very interested in music at that time. There was even a music group, he was playing the bass guitar. “At that time, the biggest love of my life was music. After school, we would meet up with friends and play like crazy and give concerts. At one point in my life, I wanted to be interested only in music. Of course, my family did not take kindly the idea.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

I make a comment that abroad, especially acting is done in more comfortable conditions and environments. He argues the opposite: “It is more difficult to do something and achieve success in the USA than in Turkey. I was taking acting classes as an elective in high school. And my teacher asked me to do a test shoot for a play. After that test shoot, I got the lead role.” However, it was very difficult for him to take the theater together while swimming tight on the one hand. Thereupon, he opted for the theatre. Good thing he used it then. Because he also has an award within the borders of the USA. He won the ‘Best Actor’ award for his role as Christopher Columbus in an inter-high school competition. He said ‘continue’ to the theater with the experience and award.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin


I’m more interested in how his adventure in Turkey started than in the USA… Even though he came to his grandmother’s summer house every summer vacation throughout his life, Kerem couldn’t come to Turkey for four years when things were tough. Four years after his last visit, he returned to his father’s land on the occasion of his cousin’s wedding. He was very impressed by Istanbul on his last visit, and felt that he was ‘at home’ the most: “It was a great feeling not to have to tell people how to pronounce Kerem five thousand times. I really liked hearing it. I want to tell a story of a test shoot… I was registered with an agency. One day he called me and said there was a movie called ‘Afghan Farmer’s Son’. I asked for the role immediately, he mentioned a role named Mohad. My name is Kerem, but as a type, I was not related to a man from Afghanistan. He insisted that my type didn’t matter and sent me for a trial interview. On the other hand, I am sure that they will not take me from door to door. Anyway, I went to the interview… I pretended to be someone who had just arrived in Turkey and was ignorant of English; I wouldn’t have gotten the role anyway. Of course they thanked me in the negative, and I then thanked them in English with a proper accent. They were stunned; So I said I wouldn’t get the part anyway, but at least I could stay that way in their minds.” I pretended to be ignorant of English; I wouldn’t have gotten the role anyway. Of course they thanked me in the negative, and I then thanked them in English with a proper accent. They were stunned; So I said I wouldn’t get the part anyway, but at least I could stay that way in their minds.” I pretended to be ignorant of English; I wouldn’t have gotten the role anyway. Of course they thanked me in the negative, and I then thanked them in English with a proper accent. They were stunned; So I said I wouldn’t get the part anyway, but at least I could stay that way in their minds.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin


“Even though we always live and speak like Turks in our home in the USA, I was at least as good at English as they did because I lived abroad for many years. That’s why people didn’t believe me when I said I was Turkish.” He tells the real reason why he came back here. While I’m talking about their life at home, I immediately ask him what Turkish dishes are most often cooked at home. He says that they are a classical Turkish family in their house and that his mother cooks all kinds of dishes from stuffed beans to dry beans. “I feel like I grew up in Istanbul in this regard.” He states that he is lucky in terms of food as well.

“At that time, an identity confusion arose. On the one hand, I was waiting for a project to come out in the USA, so that I would make my acting as a Turk speak. On the one hand, you are Turkish until the last drop of your blood, but you have lived abroad all your life, would they accept you in Turkey? ? Life is somehow directing you towards the path you need to go. Of course, in those days, I didn’t even think about settling in Turkey… I thought that I would try acting for a while and, at worst, become a carpenter.” Kerem Bürsin immediately states that he is very talented in carpentry, just like his father. He would love to have a workshop… “What would happen if I didn’t act? I was thinking that I would have a house by the sea, get married, get married and live with children.” He also states that he is really happy with the simple things in his life. Locking up in the garage and doing things is a hobby he had with his father since high school: “It’s a great feeling to create something with one’s own hands. He’s very adept at such things. In this regard, his father said, ‘If someone else can do it, why can’t we?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.” If someone else can do it, why can’t we too?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.” If someone else can do it, why can’t we too?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.”

“Even though we always live and speak like Turks in our home in the USA, I was at least as good at English as they did because I lived abroad for many years. That’s why people didn’t believe me when I said I was Turkish.” He tells the real reason why he came back here. While I’m talking about their life at home, I immediately ask him what Turkish dishes are most often cooked at home. He says that they are a classical Turkish family in their house and that his mother cooks all kinds of dishes from stuffed beans to dry beans. “I feel like I grew up in Istanbul in this regard.” He states that he is lucky in terms of food as well.

“At that time, an identity confusion arose. On the one hand, I was waiting for a project to come out in the USA, so that I would make my acting as a Turk speak. On the one hand, you are Turkish until the last drop of your blood, but you have lived abroad all your life, would they accept you in Turkey? ? Life is somehow directing you towards the path you need to go. Of course, in those days, I didn’t even think about settling in Turkey… I thought that I would try acting for a while and, at worst, become a carpenter.” Kerem Bürsin immediately states that he is very talented in carpentry, just like his father. He would love to have a workshop… “What would happen if I didn’t act? I was thinking that I would have a house by the sea, get married, get married and live with children.” He also states that he is really happy with the simple things in his life. Locking up in the garage and doing things is a hobby he had with his father since high school: “It’s a great feeling to create something with one’s own hands. He’s very adept at such things. In this regard, his father said, ‘If someone else can do it, why can’t we?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.” If someone else can do it, why can’t we too?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.” If someone else can do it, why can’t we too?’ He took his motto as a life lesson to himself: “I think this is the best thing I got from my father.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin


If we go back to the decision to make a definitive return to Turkey; A painful life experience caused this. Losing his best friend in a traffic accident made him question life at a younger age: “After that accident, I started to question myself and my life once again. We were talking with my lost friend only yesterday and it’s not there today, this may happen to me tomorrow, the day after. Actually, what? “I thought we were as valuable as we were. Yes, I wanted to be an actor, I was doing the things I loved, but somehow my life was slipping out of my hands. I quickly decided to come to Turkey. I came to Turkey and joined the army in Burdur three days later.” He tells that he couldn’t do much in the military because he did his military service, but he made very good friends. He states that at the end of his military service, he was undecided whether to act or not. He lived alone in their house in Istanbul at that time. He tells that he goes out in the middle of the night and lives in the city and listens to himself…

He never forgets those days: “Yes, you hit the bottom of art in Los Angeles, but you are surrounded by a huge nothing. Everything is artificial! But when you come to a place like Istanbul, you come across a full warehouse. Everything from the people of the city to the buildings has a life experience. ” He also states that he was closely related to and followed Galatasaray, Turkey and Istanbul while he was in the USA: “Reading something, imagining it, and actually living and feeling it are two different things.”

“You hit the bottom of art in Los Angeles, but you are surrounded by a huge nothing. Everything is artificial! But when you come to a place like Istanbul, you come across a full warehouse.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

He has no problem with being famous, he tells me with a laugh that I am walking around with my hat on. Frankly, he states that he still does his own grocery shopping easily. Although the space to act according to his mind is reduced now, they do not have such big problems about acting and being famous. He just cares a bit about leading a more isolated life instead of bringing different characters together with the audience, that’s all. Everything is not just a lesson or a method, it is also necessary to live: “I wish I could sit next to a homeless person and spend time with him, but unfortunately I can’t. That’s why we go abroad more often with my girlfriend. Because we are more comfortable abroad. We just sit in the cafe and observe life and people without speaking. This feeds us a little bit.”

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin


As he says almost everywhere, he certainly does not find himself handsome. Interesting man! Either there is a defect in our eyes or our eyesight. “The Kerem you see is a man created by a light artist, make-up artist or photographer.” He has absolutely nothing to do with being handsome or not. It is more important for a person to have energy, charisma and light. In fact, according to him, the main thing is to be human. He also states that an Al Pacino or Robert De Niro is not actually handsome, but they are charismatic. He also immediately says that he looks like his father and that he is more handsome than himself.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

Let’s talk about personal tastes. He is very fond of pieces that feel old and lived-in. It has a comfortable and sporty style, but vintage designs do not arouse curiosity. A meticulous, neat and clean man: “I must be in a clean environment, both at home and at work, otherwise I cannot work, I cannot concentrate.” She loves to cook. Guacomole is what it does best. By the way, she does not like to cook according to the recipe, she is a freestyler in the kitchen. In summary of all these; He is a man who can easily take care of himself if left alone. As it is known, he has a relationship that lasts for almost two years; When we look at it from the outside right now, he is a very in love man. However, he has no problem with being alone in life: “I have never had a concern about being alone in my life. I did not take my steps so that I would not be alone… I always had only one choice; And that’s the real relationship I’ve had.” Crowded families are just right for him, he loves children very much. There are so many orphaned children and the world is already crowded enough that I would happily adopt one.” He says he wants to be a father one day.

Deep and sincere: Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin, whom we are watching as  Ali Smith of ‘This City Will Come Behind You’, which is one of Atv’s new projects and whose story he created with his sister, is extremely happy to give life to a character that is very different from the characters he has played so far. “You come into people’s homes every week and become guests… So you’re wondering. Until this role, I always played spoiled and bad roles. I’m in favor of giving life to roles that will have a positive impact on the audience. The subtext of the story we want to tell is that the actor is struggling for success, It’s also exciting for me. So I’m very interested in the freedom of Ali Smith, the character I’m giving life to now, and his traumatized character that we’ll see later.” Bürsin, describing her new character by saying, She loves playing characters that challenge her as an actress, because she worked for this role for over a year. Finally, I ask if he wants to try acting abroad; Of course he wants. It is one of the most important goals at the moment. What shall we say; Let’s say that this man, who is beautiful inside as well as outside, will have a clear path…

GQ 2017

GQ 2017

If Life Was Kerem Bürsin

We spent two days with Kerem Bürsin for the cover shoot. And it was this title that remained in my mind and heart right now. He is a new generation actor. A star that continues to rise in her career. A true citizen of the world. Multilingual, multicultural. Very aware, very helpful. He’s also a very strict athlete. His body is under control of his appetite. Is it bad? If Kerem Bursins increased in Turkey, wouldn’t one be hopeful for the future?

It has been on our agenda for nearly four years. Childhood years spent all over the world from Abu Dhabi to Texas, from Jakarta to Los Angeles because of his father’s job; With his good looks, muscles, slight American accent, his relationship with Serenay Sarıkaya and his helpfulness, he has found and continues to find a wide place in newspaper headlines, magazine covers, and social media posts.

For this reason, we invited him to a place that would make him happier than my questions; To Europe’s most ambitious sports hotel, to the Gloria Sports Arena, which brought your Iron Man organization to our country… I think he was really happy to see the giant football fields, olympic pools, running tracks, boxing ring and long jump track around him. At least I can safely say that shooting and training, interview and game mixed together and we had a lot of fun.

Kerem Bürsin is one of our most athletic actors. In fact, simply saying ‘athletic’ is insufficient because he is a certified ‘trainer’. While living in Los Angeles, he first receives general personal trainer training, then specializes in kettlebell and finally warrior trainer. He gets up at 4:30 every morning and goes to lecture. “You help someone evolve, start changing something about themselves. For example, seriously, I was the trainer of athletes. But in America, some clubs, for example, made agreements with elderly care homes and we were giving free lessons to them. They were all equally motivating for me. I was taking strength from someone, I was giving strength to someone.”

He is handsome enough that young men will envy and young women will fall in love with, he is not very ‘Turkish type’, has a sixpack; This red-blond young man, who speaks perfect English and slightly flawed Turkish, can deftly avoid compliments. He is modest and does not like to be in the center very much. “You are the idol of so many young people. I admit that I was impressed with the answer he gave when I asked him, “Are you close to being the right man in your ideal?” “Being the ideal man maybe isn’t just about me, my achievements. Life is not just about me. Helping others, helping someone’s happiness, health, success, is perhaps what will make me the ideal man. I always like to give. From giving back what the universe gave me…” This philosophy, that is, ‘giving back’ is Bürsin’s life goal.

That’s why you see him in Unicef ​​organizations and many charity projects. But it highlights that more can be done. “Turkey is a country that both needs and helps. If I’m a tool here, we should use it. What I have; my language, my talent, my reputation… For example, there was a very important summit in Istanbul in 2015. That was when the refugee crisis erupted. I learned this from us, not from right or left, but from the United Nations account I follow on Twitter. I could be there too. This was the crisis of both the world and Turkey, and they met in Istanbul, but there were no Turkish representatives. It was so ingrained in me… There is so much to do.”

We’re making him sweat a lot for the shoot. He rolls a truck tire on the beach, plays basketball, swims, jumps over obstacles, hits the sand with ropes… As he does it, he gets pleasure. He already says that some of what he does is part of his daily training. I ask Kerem, “Does sports save lives?”, he answers, “Absolutely”; “Being an athlete is one thing, but doing sports… It saves lives.”

“Life is not easy, we all know that. But I did and continue to do sports for only one thing: To say ‘I succeeded’. It doesn’t matter how many push-ups or how many baklavas; A sense of accomplishment is important. That’s why I like to train early in the morning. When I start the day with a successful attitude, I feel like I can handle whatever comes my way that day.

You can come across a man or a woman with that confidence. In fact, if we think in terms of instinct, you send the signal ‘I can protect you, I can take care of you’. You also give your exams and fights in training every day, and this gives you another kind of maturity and endurance in daily life. Unfortunately, there are so many external factors that affect our brain and soul in this life… That’s why panic attacks, restlessness syndromes and depressions are increasing day by day. Sports discipline is something else. You believe that if you take action, you will do anything. As you succeed, you see that you can do anything if you really want to.”

I remind you that he said in one of his interviews, “I am in favor of living ‘smaller’” and I ask: “As you get older – I mean both your age and the weight of your name – doesn’t it get harder to live small? Look how well-known you have become in a few years: TV series, commercials… Moreover, one of Turkey’s most famous and most beautiful women is your girlfriend…”

“It gets a hundred percent difficult. Really… But there is a philosophy of ‘getting smaller as you get older’, I believe in it. From the outside, maybe yes, everything looks big. Who knows what some of them are saying by looking at this apparent life of mine. But day by day, I’m getting more and more thankful and giving back psychology. I make more efforts for social responsibility projects; I value naive times and naive relationships more. I try harder to determine my lifestyle accordingly. I go to the gym in the same place, I spend time in the same places, I maintain relationships with old friends, I stick to my rituals. So it’s not really what it looks like from the outside.”

He came to Turkey four years ago. I wonder what you criticize first. “When I came back, two things caught my attention. First; ‘money’ ruled everyone and everything… Secondly, disrespect towards women was prevalent throughout society. I don’t think it has anything to do with the education you received at school. Unfortunately, we come from a culture that is very misguided about money and women from the age of 13-14…”

On the days we were shooting, the final episode of the series ‘Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek’ was being shot Bürsin will take a break from TV series for a while. There is a movie project nearby; He also wants to concentrate on America. Similar to my difficult print publishing requirements apply to his television career. He sees the Internet as a freer, more creative and newer environment and says he can do something about it, otherwise he will wait for a while.

Born in 1987, the actor has done so much work so far… He studied marketing once. She tried everything from fitness trainer to waitress to make a living in Los Angeles. He talks about how his creeps back then are of great use today. “What do you think you would be doing now if you had continued your marketing career?” I ask. “I was more focused on human psychology in the field of marketing. During my first years at college, acting was just my hobby, and like many young people studying marketing in Los Angeles, I dreamed of working at Apple. The offer came, you know? But I was more interested in acting and nature. It has always been in me to transfer, to give. I think it will continue to exist.”

Acting was the job that changed and improved him the most. “You have to research like crazy. To get something out of yourself, you have to go inside. Of course, not only for TV series and movies, but also for a theater play… It is very important to have self-control. The more you know yourself, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the better. It’s actually a great personal development.” Does she get too immersed in her role? “You try to add something to the character you play, of course you practice this in your own life and your role is reflected in your life. But it’s a matter of getting caught or being taken away, that’s another thing. It’s like a good relationship. You’ll have a girlfriend, you’ll be happy, but it’s not that easy to be ‘one’ and flow away. So is the role. So far, I’ve been one with the character I played in a play rather than a TV show; We staged a play called ‘Mariner’,

Let’s come to the most fun part of the interview for me. Recorder turns off, chat begins. Of course I won’t write the ‘off the record’ stuff here, this is a summary of my observations. Bürsin keeps his old friends around and even works with them. They’re like in ‘Entourage’. On the one hand, they are in solidarity, on the other hand, they do business and even ‘hang out’. I haven’t seen them take advantage of Kerem’s fame and have pool parties, he’s different… They both have fun together and work for the ‘Kerem Bürsin’ brand 24 hours a day. They’re all having as much fun as I am watching Jimmy Fallon – Lip Sync Battle and Jimmy Kimmel – Mean Tweets videos. In fact, Kerem’s friend, with whom he lived for years in America, recently attended Lip Sync Battle and shows us his videos. Who is your friend? Matt McGorry, whom we watched in ‘Orange is The New Black’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. While watching these programs on the phone, we sigh why we can’t do things like this. As you know, we love young as a country. Once that definition of ‘jön’, which we could never understand, is used, it is now possible to be neither open nor free. Because the new young man is very careful, very limited, very master… He will not talk much, he will not be funny, he will not make fun of himself, he will not speak his political opinion, he will not have much of an opinion anyway. But most importantly, it will give a sharp and deep look! But here, Kerem Bürsin is not like that. That’s why it gives people hope. Knowledgeable, well-equipped in every sense. He invests in himself, mind, body, soul. He watches international programs, news. Which aid organization in the world is doing what and following it. He wants to do something. He is investigating. I’m sure he, like all of us, rebels against the system. But as long as Kerem Bürsin’s generation continues like this, they will change us and the system. You really believe this when you see that he is standing in front of you like a stapler, taking care of the peace of those around him before him.



His biggest dream was to become a Turkish actor in Hollywood. Or has he given up on this dream? Perfect English, acting education, physics, handsomeness not enough? Why did he come here? Have you ever fallen in love in Istanbul?

You moved to the United States in 2000 and studied high school and university there. Why did you go to America?

We moved to Texas after traveling many countries because of my father’s work.

Did you start acting there?

Yes, I started in high school. Last year, a theater competition was held…

And you won…

I did so. So, in my last year of high school, I started to learn and research what acting is and what it is not. And I loved acting.

Liked and then?

I decided to study acting at university.

Were your family surprised to hear this?

No, they were not surprised because they saw that I was seriously interested in acting. But they were realistic. Especially my father was very nervous.


In case I can’t make money. OK, you keep saying “I love this job, I will do it”; But making money is also important.

What about your mother?

She was a silent supporter. My father said, “Are you sure son?” Then, my mother researched where the most suitable university was; Thanks to her, I went to Emerson College in Boston.

What happened when you started university?

It’s been great for me, because it’s not just acting; He also provided marketing training. He treated the movie industry as an industry and taught everything about it. My mother said to me, “Look, you’re going to study marketing, but there is also acting in this university.” If I was looking for a school myself, I would not have made such a good choice.

Why didn’t you continue acting in America?

I used to come to my grandparents, to visit my family here, every summer vacation. For me, those three-month vacation periods that I spend here every year were completely different. Those were the moments when I was the most free. Being in Turkey, living this culture, spending time with my family, being in a summer house, hanging out with my Turkish friends… It has added a lot to me. I’m already Turkish, I feel good here.

Not feeling well in Los Angeles?

I was also very happy in Los Angeles. But let’s say I go to the “audition” (actor selection). I speak like an American; but when I say “I am Kerem Bürsin”, everyone is surprised. They are also surprised that I am not Turkish. Don’t get me wrong, being Turkish is different and attractive to them. But their first question was “Well, which projects did you take part in in Turkey?” was happening. I say no, I studied and lived here… At that moment, the magic breaks down, that is, their interest decreases. Because there are so many players in Los Angeles; All talented, all handsome. They are always looking for difference. Otherwise, my biggest dream was to be a Turkish actor in Hollywood.

Have you given up on this dream?

No never. I used the past tense to talk about my current feelings…

How did you come to Turkey? How did the proposal “Güneşi Beklerken” come about?

I was here for my cousin’s wedding last year. Everyone was saying things like, “Stay here, the industry is flourishing, you can act here”…

Did you think?

I thought about it, but I didn’t take it too seriously. And I met Gaye Sökmen. After talking to him, I decided to stay. He understood me very well… My stay in Turkey is also very nice from another point of view. I come to Turkey every year during the summer holidays, but I have never lived here. This is a hugeopportunity. A little bit about the environment there, constantly asking “Will there be good news?” I wanted to get away from your thoughts. What could be the worst when you stay in Turkey? I said to myself, “If I fail, I’ll run away to New Zealand and teach acting to the kids there.”

Are you used to Istanbul?

I love Istanbul. It is beautiful in every way. Visiting Istanbul is different, living is different. I learned a lot about my country by staying here.

Is being very handsome an advantage for the actor?

I’m not very handsome. Fortunately, it’s not my job to be handsome. My job is to be an actor.

Let’s talk about women… What kind of women do you like?

The woman standing on her feet is attractive to me. Because you know that he doesn’t need you. Self-esteem is also important. I’m not talking about self-confidence mixed with arrogance, but… It’s also nice that the woman is witty. Women are precious beings who experience many different things. It is not easy to be successful and strong as a woman in such a world.

Do you like to flirt?

I don’t want to offend a woman, so I’m afraid to offend. Of course, dating, such things depend on the current flow. I don’t mean to be a gentleman; but there are some codes that must be followed in relationships. Unfortunately, some things do not exist today. In that sense, I’m a bit of a classic person.

Have you ever been heartbroken?

Of course. When I was in high school, my heart was broken so badly. Music cured me.

If you fell in love and wanted to get married, would you restrain yourself by saying “my career comes first”?

Acting is very important to me. The person I will fall in love with will understand this, I am sure I will fall in love with her for this. Your love, my career, I don’t believe it will negatively affect you.

Have you ever fallen in love in Turkey?

No, I’ve never been in love.

Would you like to be?

I would love to fall in love in Istanbul. This is such a romantic city… I fell in love in Texas; but you can only do certain things there, the places you go are also certain. It’s much nicer to fall in love here. There are so many places to go with a lover, the count is endless. When I first moved to Istanbul, my favorite thing was to go out and walk at four in the morning. That silence, the energy of the streets, you see and feel history everywhere. What a joy it would be to hold a girl’s hand and walk these streets. And look at Texas… It’s incomparable.

Cosmopolitan 2013

Cosmopolitan 2013

Kerem Bursin, who plays the popular and spoiled high school student in the TV series Güneşi Beklerken, has a different accent because he has lived in America for years, he is very fit compared to most of his peers with the effect of doing sports, and he is very confident like a professional model while posing. Kerem Bursin, who plays a high school student under his own name in the TV series Waiting for the Sun, came to Turkey for the series. He’s making his acting debut as he starred in different productions while in America (one of them being the TV movie Sharktopus with Eric Roberts). 

The closeness of our shoot’s mascot with the cute German shepherd surprised us all. Because even next to a barking dog, he posed keeping his calm. When we asked him to take off his shirt at the gym, we saw his interest in sports! We don’t know how the rich and spoiled child he plays will change, but we do not think that Bursin’s humble and friendly demeanor will change over time.

After watching the character you played in Güneşi Beklerken, we cannot help but ask what kind of childhood you had. How many are brothers? How is your relationship with your family? 

I have an older sister. My family is the most valuable asset in my life. They are very important to me and we are very close. They showed me what a family should be like.

We know that you studied in Boston in the USA and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from school. You didn’t go there all at once. You have lived in many countries. Can you talk a little bit?

Since my childhood, I have lived in another country on average every three years. For this reason, I had the chance to live in different corners of the world, with cultures and people. This inevitably added a lot to my personality and identity.

What did you do in America? What made you decide to return to Turkey?

Gaye Sökmen has a big share in making this decision. Apart from that, I have proudly carried my Turkish identity in different countries throughout my life. The desire to live in Turkey was an inner longing for me; Let’s say instinct. Personal development is very important to me and I am sure that the colorfulness and character of Istanbul will add a lot to both me and my acting.

 Do you miss America or are you happy with your life here?

More than America, I miss my friends there. I was born in Istanbul and most of my family lives here. I feel at home. Living and working in Istanbul is very satisfying. I am very happy here. Of course, there are pros and cons like everywhere else, but when I look at the Bosphorus, walk in Beyoğlu, chat with the grocery store, I forget everything and feel very lucky to be in the most beautiful city in the world.

 Isn’t it difficult to shoot a TV series in the summer season? Are you ever going to take a vacation?

Honestly, vacation never crossed my mind. I think this is the greatest vacation when people do what they love with their loved ones.

 What do you prefer to do when you have free time for yourself?

This of course depends on the day, but usually my “private time” is the time I set aside for myself. I have different projects whether with music, writing or sports.

 You are too old to be a high school student, but you do not stand out in the series. What do you think is the reason?

I’m shaving; I guess that’s why! That was one of the first things that came to my mind when I read the script. I wondered if I would be believable. But after all, the twenties are a flexible average age in terms of acting.

With the release of the first episode, you have also become a favorite of young women. How does it feel to be known and admired?

I don’t feel anything like that inside myself. That’s why I don’t know.

 do you have a lover


 What would your reaction be if you had a girlfriend and she was jealous of you playing a rich, handsome, popular high school student?

In general, I find excessive jealousy repulsive. I don’t think I can be with someone who doesn’t trust me and herself. Those who know me know how seriously I take my job, and it would be impossible to be with someone who wouldn’t be considerate of my job. After all, more than anyone else, I want my girlfriend to support me and be there for me no matter what .

ELLE 2013

ELLE 2013

All eyes on you! Kerem Bürsin, transferred from the USA in the TV series ‘Güneşi Beklerken’; detailed, meticulous and a full star! We are already showing the signals that we will achieve more success in the future. Hundreds of social media accounts have already been opened in the name of Bürsin!

What kind of childhood did you have?

In different corners of the world; My childhood was spent getting to know cultures and people. We moved to another country in an average of three years. Inevitably, It gave me many things… And my family is really my most important value in life…

What was the reason for your decision to return to Turkey?

My agency and my instincts. I have always carried my Turkish identity proudly and wanted to live here. When my longing, instincts and agency came together, I found myself in Turkey. I also cared about returning here for my personal development. I believe that the character of this city will add a lot to both me and my acting.

Have you ever regretted coming?

No, being here has given me a lot and it still does.

What impressed you the most in the script of ‘Güneşi Beklerken’?

I liked its fiction, and I can say that the fact that there were realistic difficulties and problems in relationships as well as school life also impressed me. But what really attracted me to the project and gave me confidence was our director Altan Dönmez and his team.

Kerem’s character drove us all mad. Then we seemed to soften a bit, but I think he’s looking for revenge again. What will be the fate of this Kerem?

I don’t know, sometimes it even surprises me.

Bad characters aren’t very popular on the street either. Do you also get a reaction?

On the contrary, everyone is very close. I think it’s a little unfair to call Kerem Sayer bad.

Your set environment looks very enjoyable. How are the set times going?

It really is, we all became very close, as I always say, we are a family. Although the tempo we work at is difficult, our togetherness and harmony make the difficulty bearable. I also think that being able to have fun in the work environment has a positive contribution to the work done.

Were you also a popular kid in high school?

Probably. My circle was very wide… The high school I went to was just like in American movies; four thousand students, American football, cars, girlfriends, music… It was pretty good, I mean…

What is your best memory in high school?

My last year of high school was absolutely beautiful for me. There was love in my life, I had success in acting, it was one of the happiest years I’ve ever lived.

do you have a lover

No, not at the moment.

Do you have a talent other than acting that we don’t know about?

Let’s not call it talent, but music and writing are other hobbies that I care about…

Who would you like to play the lead role in in a movie? What kind of character would you like to portray and who would direct this movie?

Many people come to my mind, but I am just at the beginning of this road. That’s why I play with whomever comes to my mind adds a lot to me. Playing with players like Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day Lewis would be an incredible experience. Playing a character who will push my own limits gives me pleasure because I like to do the hard work. The list of directors is also very long, but I would very much like to work with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Çağan Irmak and Fatih Akın.

Hurriyet 2018

Hurriyet 2018

This Friday, “Can Feda” will be released. The movie, starring Burak Özçivit and Kerem Bursin, is ambitious. Kerem Bursin plays a fighter pilot. And he really faints while eating 9 G, not in the movie, but in reality…

He is sweet and sexy, knowledgeable, interested, but not about the nation, but about his own job and profession, sincere, a little alien. Someone who lives in his own world. He is always trying to improve himself. He founded a production company a year and a half ago. He lives in two countries. You already know that he is a citizen of the world, but this time I realized that in these five years he has become more Turkish than anyone else. It is enough to say that Turkey will beat America a thousand times…

How many years have passed since our last interview?

Wow, you’ve become quite a legend during this time!

I don’t feel that way at all. Acting is a profession that is open to self-development, you have to constantly see and experience new things and always work. It’s like a journey. When you’re on the road, you don’t say “What have I become”, you don’t even think about it, on the contrary, you always feel inadequate, you strive to improve. This is my situation. I still feel like it’s my first year, I still realize how much bread I have to eat…

What kind of experience did you gain from these 5 years?

It is necessary to learn from the things you have learned, to continue, but to continue by listening to the voice of your heart… When I first came to Turkey, when I told them what I wanted to do, I always said, “This is Turkey! This market does not lift! I was encountering things like “that won’t work”. Or I wanted to do preliminary preparation or pre-study for roles. But it is not always possible. Even when you try to do it, it is sometimes not accepted. Because you realize that they always want to see you the same way…

Always handsome but rebellious, the man who makes the rules himself?

I try not to be confined to a single role, a single character. Because I can’t always do the same thing. It gets boring, I get bored too. Acting is not like that, it’s not just one thing. I think I’ve broken some rules for myself over time, I believe I’m not stuck with a single character

Which do you think was the legendary directory?

According to the audience, it is still the first drama: Waiting for the Sun. Which was really beautiful. But I’m not interested in what the reaction is ‘out there’, ‘what people say’. I don’t measure myself with this…

How so? In the role you play, does it concern you that the people watching you are sick of you?

I’m not too fond of this part. After the first series, I never watch myself again…

What are you doing then…

I’m living my normal life. I’m either working out or going out or something. I usually forget… Or we’re shooting on the set at that time…

Don’t you like seeing yourself on the screen?

I do not like. I even hate

it. I think one thing that hurts me is watching myself…


because you hang around a lot, you say, “I could do it like this, I could do it like that”. I think getting into that head also mechanizes the actor.

How does a person develop without seeing his mistakes?

Thanks to the director! That’s why there’s a director there, and you, as an actor, have to surrender to him. Because you, not you, are in front of that camera. You are a character and as that character, you collaborate with the other actors and the director. That’s why the most important thing I’ve learned in this job is to trust and surrender to the director. Otherwise, it’s not possible, good work won’t come out…

How is the situation now? Do you live in both countries?

Yes a little bit. I work with the best casting agency in America. I’ve been here 5 times this year. There are offers coming from there, let’s see, I’m not in a hurry. I try to choose the ones that suit me. This is important for me: Let someone from Turkey come out and

a Turk can play like an Indian, a Mexican, a French can play an American. Because we have a developed acting market and very good actors. And they need to understand that serious things are going on here…

As we say, “We are the second largest country in the world in the TV series industry”. Is it reflected in America?

No it is not! I think we are not represented properly there. There is still a language problem. I am lucky to have lived in 7 different countries and to have always studied English in this regard. But my problem is not “Let me get out of here, let me be there”. As a Turk, representing Turkey in America. I realized something very important in these five years…

What’s that?

I know very clearly now that Turkey will do well to America and many other countries too… There is so much to do, see and experience here! And this country lives. This is a very important thing for an artist. America is not alive, the system is alive. There is a system, you enter that system. Yes, that system works regularly, but there is no human touch. Everything is fake. I get depressed when I stay ina place like Los Angeles for a long time. I miss this place so much. Turkey gives me a lot of excitement in every way…

Well, do the peopleyou meet for business see the success of your movies and TV series here?

They see, but they don’t hang around much. Because the role in that project is important there. Even if George Clooney comes and says, “I want this role,” if he doesn’t like it, they say, “Let’s do an audition first.” For us, it is very important who the actor is, his fame, Instagram followers, etc., he is not there! What famous people come and go, the guys say, “You are not suitable for this role”.When it comes to fame, the flowing waters stop. All of this actually needs to change a bit. But I am hopeful…

You set up a production company, didn’t you?

Yeah. It was part of my dream. It’s not just acting, but finding a good story and seeing how that story will reflect on the screen is something that excites me. For example, we are one of the co pro

ducers of Tolga Karaçelik’s “Butterflies”, which makes me very happy. B

ecause it’s a great movie. It is wonderful to be a director like Tolga, to be a part of his work, what more could one want?

What was the experience of “Can Feda” for you?

Wonderful! As an actor, being able to feel a little bit of the life of a fighter pilot, act like him, fly, eat ‘g’ was the part that excited me the most. Yes, there are many military serials and movies being made these days, but when I heard that I was going to be a pilot, I was overjoyed. Seeing the pilots and being together with them day and night was an experience that enriched me…

Are they your fans too?

No! Pilots are so ‘cool’… They don’t admire you, you admire them! Because the man comes out of his F16, and when you get on an F16, you understand what’s what. They won’t be cool, but who will? If we are talking about power, the real power is theirs. The thing about warplanes is to exceed the ‘g’ limit anyway. I’m over it too…

What happens when you wear it?

Well, I finally passed out. I did it 3-4 times in a row. Because I was stubborn! “How many g did you eat? How many g can I eat?” There are situations like that.

How many times have you eaten?

I ate it 9 times, I passed out at 9 and a half g! Of course, it’s such a thing that a lot of blood tests and every single test was done to get in. Are your lungs good or not? If you have diabetes, you can’t do it, you can’t be a pilot, there are many things. Fighter pilots are truly superhuman beings. They are at a high level in terms of brains, because they need to have a good command of mathematics, physics, everything, but at the same time, they must be in good health. Their job is so hard. They’re all so brave.

There is a 1G gravitational force on everyone as standard. And we have been accustomed to this gravity since childhood. But the situation is different for pilots. Why? Although the gravitational force on the earth is constant, the force felt by the acceleration movements on the planes is many times greater. The G force that a pilot can experience can reach up to 9 G. We can define the 1 G force as the force equal to the mass of the person. We can calculate the 9 G force as 9 times the mass of the person… (Kerem Bursin, while playing the role of a fighter pilot in the movie Can Feda, ate 9 Gs and fainted at 9 and a half Gs…)

Where is your family now?

They’re in Texas…

Do they watch your serials?

Sure, of course.

What’s their reaction?

I do not know.

Don’t you ask?

I’m not asking. But sometimes they make comments. They look at the situation realistically. They are always clear. “We don’t like you!” or “You didn’t quite get into the role!” or “Well done, you played very well”. But as I said, after all, I am an actor who likes to work with the director. “Okay, I’ll do it!” rather than, “What is a brother? How can I do something and reflect the psychology of this character well!” these are important to me…

In a world where everyone lives glued to their phone, doing their best to exist on social media, sharing every moment and everything…

Kerem Bursin is indifferent!

“I do post once every three months,” he says. He doesn’t even look at the news about himself. He watches the concerts with the naked eye, not by filming them with his phone. In short, he lives his life for himself, not to show it to others.

How many newspapers do you follow?

Zero aboutme! I’m not very good with social media either.

How can you stay away from social media?

I’m stopping. Of course it is necessary to use it, I understand, but I do not live my life only on social media. This probably hurts me too, everyone lives on their phone almost 24 hours a day…

Aren’t you surprised to see people…

I am very surprised. They live glued to their phones. I feel like an 80-year-old grandfather next to them! For example, I’m going to a concert, a wonderful performance begins, lively, lively, in front of us… I look around, it’s unbelievable if they feel the same enthusiasm as me, 80 percent of

the hall is watching the concert on their phone. You stop living in the moment by saying “I will shoot”. Moreover, you do not live for yourself… You live to show others! I think social media is taking over the world.

Do you go in and look at “where and what has come out about me”?

No. I wonder ‘what did they think about the character I played, what comments did they make’ but I still don’t look anywhere, I see it if it comes across…
Have you ever looked at Ekşi Sözlük?

No. But I’ve heard so much that…

I studied there, did you act in ahorror movie? In a Chinese horror movie…

Yes, yes. I shot it in 2012 but I think it’s just been shown. I went to the army 4 days after I moved to Turkey…

Why did you move to Turkey?

My best friend died in a bike accident in New York. He was a young man. A very, very painful death. He was like my brother. I fell into an incredible void. I started questioning everything. I was crawling in Los Angeles at the time. I was doing multiple jobs. I am doing personal training, parking a car, on the other hand, I try to enter auditions (player selection) and become an actor. Because of this tragic event, I decided tochange my whole life. Turkey always came to my mind. In America, they ask my name: “Kerem. I am Turkish.” “What have you done so far Kerem in Turkey?” No answer. I am Turkish, but I have never lived in Turkey. And suddenly I decided to move here. On the 4th day of my arrival, I went to the army. While I was thinking about what to do and what to do when my military service is over, this offer came. “There is a role in a Chinese horror movie, do you want it”, I said “OK”.

What did you watch that you played?

Only the first episodes of the series. Because you have to. You are already watching what the director did and how he did it, rather than himself. Because it’s his job. It’s not about watching, it’s about living. Isn’t theater like that, you play, you live and you will never be able to watch yourself!

And you’re starting a digital drama…

Yeah. It’s called “Inmortals”. We shoot with Alphan Ezeli. An amazing vampire series. Just think about it, now I’m going to be a vampire! This

is my favorite part of acting. I became a pilot in “Can Feda”, now I will be a vampire who has lived 500 years. Who knows what kind of psychology it is to live for 500 years, I have lived for 30 years…

Tell me, you had a wonderful “road trip”…

We were always dreaming. We made it happen. We set off from Los Angeles, Vegas, then the Grand Canyon… It went really well. The Grand Canyon is a crazy place. We are essentially two people living in the moment.

Do you like being completely consonant in America?

Yes, but there are people who know in certain places. This is the success of Turkish TV series. If we come across a Mexican, selfies start immediately. It’s fun too… “Oh, we had such a life!” you say. But in general, we are two teenagers who hang out like completely normal people, have dreams, trying to do something.



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Vogue Turkey – August 2021

Vogue Turkey – August 2021

Are you truly elevated if your feet have never seen the ground?
When we say ground, we don’t need to talk about a low level or harsh conditions.
While “razed to the ground” means being destroyed in Turkish.
Kerem Bürsin sits across from me and changes the definition of this idiom:
To be connected to the ground,means to be connected with the place on which our feet step on and to be as real as that place.

I didn’t know what to do. I started to squirm when the interview ended and I got out of the caravan in Beykoz Kundura Factory.
The pain of how to tell here the important things this beautiful man said and what he defended from the heart began. I wrote the titles. I deleted them.
Then I said, let’s just write what he said and not write my impressions on him, but that would make the subject incomplete, because he’s too humble to say the good things he’s done. I thought for hours about the highlight of the article because it was what I couldn’t define the most.most. Because this gentleman is just like life itself. It’s hard to define. So sophisticated and
has different attitudes and opinions for different topics in life. But always honest, both to himself and to life. During the interview and in every moment his body, soul and mind are answering in a reliable way.

When we met him on the set, he had to go to shoot some scenes and come back in the interview breaks.

That day I saw him a total of three times. Once before the set started and twice during the set breaks.

When he left to shoot those scenes, I didn’t have an idea about what happened there while he was acting or what he was going through, but every time he came back and sitacross from me there was another side of Kerem in front of me. He was still the same person, but I was meeting a new part of his character, everytime.

He is a professional actor and he’s managing the relationship between himself and the character he plays in the best way. However, it wasn’t possible not to feel the different energies that naturally remained on him after different moments. If we were in a different place or in a different time maybe I would need to spend long hours with him to experience his different moods, but his acting and this set were giving us this chance.  As he agrees, acting gives people many chances in life.
Kerem enthusiastically explains: “I was playing on a stage for four thousand people. I was 17 and our high school won at a competition in the country category and we had the chance to play for thousands of people in a huge hall. But I wasn’t in that hall during the two hours we played. I was in the world of that play. I was the captain of the story and regardless of the thousand people there, I was on that ship, on that play’s universe. Yeah, we used to do this when we were kids, but It’s great that we’re still able to do it thanks to this profession.”.

If you are reading the title of this article, it means we officially brought a positive meaning to the sentence “being razed to the ground”.
Let’s admit it, at first glance, “razed to the ground” it may not evoke such a positive meaning as “handsome actor”, “cool and smart” or “arriving to Kerem”. During the interview, Kerem suddenly said “it’s needed to be razed to the ground” so softly.
I opened the dictionary without being noticed by him, to see if that sentence has a different meaning like keeping your feet on the ground, feeling the life in all extents, or being aware…
and sums up his collective perspective like this, “It’s easy to say ‘let this person do it’ or assigning responsibility to one person”. For example, it can be said ‘do not consume plastic’, but instead do not produce plastic in the first place.
I lived in China for two months in 2012, there wasn’t any bags in the markets. We will get used to it if there are no plastic bags in the markets tomorrow.
For example, we got used to many things during the pandemic. It’s a chain and we have to break it now. ‘let people do it’ but
governments, institutions and companies should also do something, people can’t do it by themselves.”
This is a bit of what I wanted to say, someone must help me so we can convince turkish language society to add a new meaning to “being razed to the ground”.

“I guess I am a person who worries about the world’s problems”, stands against the patriarchal system, researches and speaks about the injustices that women experience in this world, gets angry at the imbalance of the world and loves questioning”. He said when I asked who is he regardless of all professions and titles. And he adds, about this world and the life we live in:
“It’s a tremendous mess; a karma. We are lucky beings who fell into a miracle, but we cannot see most of the time. The system we find and serve, our way of life is not very good for us and the world. We damage ourselves and the world so much. I don’t know the answer to the question “why are we in this world?”. There’s a crisis going on in the world right now. It’s easy to say “there’s that corporation, those animals are under protection in some way or another. Let’s not forget that this is our home, If there is no world, there’s no us either. So let’s ask altogether: what’s the main problem? Governments and companies should carry out an immediate chain of actions. We don’t have time until 2030. We need to do it now, our mindset and system impose time on us. That time: now.”

He’s saying that women and nature rights are so close to his heart. He worries about the climate crisis and adds: “Everywhere is burning. Even the sea is burning. Factory waste is still thrown around. We are talking about going to space, let’s go but what are we doing here? We have an excellent world. Can’t we use space for another purpose? For example, Let’s keep this garbage there, no country should undertake another country’s garbage anymore. Maybe we can use space as a remedy for this, let’s find a way to hide the garbage there”.  Kerem believes that the path to solve these problems begins with society. “Thanks to social media you can reach millions quickly and talk about important issues but the worst mentality is that of those who say ‘I shared, so my duty is completed’. The real change happened thanks to people who rose up for a cause.”

When it comes to women’s rights, he still talks in disbelief about this other subject that he strongly advocates. Without giving a name or address he explains, “I was going to do business with an actress. One of the team said, ‘You will earn more anyway because you are a man.’ And it was a woman who said that. this is not acceptable between two people doing the same job. When this situaition goes against my beliefs and politics, I can say that I won’t be involved in this business. But I can do that because it is a priority to me. However, every life is important. Not just some. When you have the priority in a system, you may not know how the other person feels. But I will and should speak up for you, especially if it’s my priority.”

Ever since he was at the university, Kerem had a dream of creating a production company. The current logo of the company is the logo he drew for his dream at university. This company is a platform for everyone’s rights to be fulfilled. Talking about this he adds: “Why does Hollywood make everyone pay for copyright? Because it is necessary to say ‘thank you, this job happened thanks to you.’ This is a teamwork. We are preparing for a new project. And what excites me the most about shooting this movie in the near future is that it possesses many dominant female characteristics”.

It’s as if he has already taken pictures of many problems in his own brain and is now thinking about how to print those pictures and where to hang them. Taking pictures without metaphorical meaning is one of his favourite things, but he uses this technique in different ways.

“There’s something I do and I hope it is; We heard this from books and movies. Don’t they say that before you die your life passes in front of your eyes like a movie. Had this been true, when I go through some moments and feelings, I would close my eyes and say to myself ‘this is the moment, record it and see it in your last minutes’ and I take such pictures in my brain.”

He also believes that some moments should not be confined. “when you stand to take pictures, you see the things you don’t normally see. Taking pictures is my time to relax. I leave myself and go towards what interests me. I see the beauty and value of that other thing.”

On the other hand, he thinks that looking at the event from the screen creates a loss of reality. He emphasizes on the need to know the difference of being a spectator.

“There are people who can record a video of a violent incident as it happens. But why didn’t you intervene? Why don’t you call for help? You took a video when you could have stopped the incident, then because of that, a person suffered two more minutes of violence and became miserable. Photos can create a break off moment from beautiful or bad moments.”

It would not be wrong to say that Kerem is against this break off. He’s on the side of connecting. “Passing by my old house in Los Angeles gets me razed to the ground in a good way. Because you need to know the ground. You always need to know the ground and place you step in. In a world like this you can stay away from the ground sometimes, that’s not for me. You should be connected to that ground. As an example of that, It’s good for me to go to auditions in America.”

Another thing he cares about as much as being connected to the ground is connecting to yourself and to the person in front of you.

“We know our brain and body so little. Do you know what makes you feel good? ‘I have to do it or else what will they say?’. Well, what will you say? That’s the important thing. When you are gone, the other things are gone too, even the things that you think are the most important in life. This is not selfishness. Know yourself and understand your worth so you can understand and value others as well.”

He defines love in a similar way as unconditional connection.

“I think, to love is to accept. Very simple actually. There is no ego or whatever. Love is about accepting the people as they are. If we continue from this point of view, love can also save us from problems. And we can change some things with that. For example, being able to say, ‘this ting I do is damaging the world or the person I love..’ If you love, you start being constructive and you care. You don’t harm others for your benefits.”

He sees the problems, he feels them and advocates them because he prefers to be razed to the ground, to be connected to the ground. Ground is not a place which is not high, anyway. Kerem has nothing to do with the sentence ‘being razed to the ground’ written in Turkish society.s dictionary, but he wouldn’t have had a problem even if it becomes such a situation.
“Getting help may be seen as a weakness in the society we live in. However, asking for help and saying I don’t know are beautiful things,” he adds.

As the interview is coming to an end, I want to reassure my reasons about what I said at the beginning, mostly because Kerem will probably help me. When the door of the caravan is knocked and I heard; “Mr. Kerem scene is starting. Shall we put on his shirt?” I felt that this is my last chance and rushed ‘Kerem, if you were doing this interview with yourself, what would you ask?’ I said. Without thinking he answers: “How are you? Because it’s not just a question. You make the other person feel that you care about them and therefore yourself.”

As we say goodbye and get out of the caravan, I saw a skateboard there. I guess it was his skateboard. A sentence passes through my mind; maybe not razed to the ground but touching the ground, going parallel to the ground. To be razed to the ground, even if you’re high with your success like him. Because one day you can fall.




Rüzgar (guest star)
Captain Pilot Onur Keskin
Andy Flynn
Craig Belmont
Serkan Bolat
Mustafa Kerim Can
Yiğit Kılıç
Yiğit Kılıç (guest star)
Kerem Sayer / Günes Sayer



Rüzgar (guest star)
Captain Pilot Onur Keskin
Andy Flynn
Craig Belmont

Television Series

Serkan Bolat
Mustafa Kerim Can
Yiğit Kılıç
Yiğit Kılıç (guest star)
Kerem Sayer / Günes Sayer





Social Projects



Braveborn Films was established as a partnership by Kerem Bürsin and Kemal Çömelek. Braveborn Films’ logo was designed by Kerem Bürsin during his years at university.
The company started its journey with the promotional video shot for the character of Ali Smith in the TV series ‘Bu Şehir Arkadan Gelecek’, starring Kerem Bürsin.
Braveborn Films, co-producer of TV series and movies, merged with Adg Medya, the production company of director and producer Altan Dönmez, in 2021.


Rüzgar (guest star)

Television Series

Hurriyet 2021

Hurriyet 2021

He entered our lives eight years ago and took firm steps forward in his acting career. He does not hesitate to try different fields from drama to comedy, besides his professional success, he speaks out about women’s rights, defends feminist policies, and ponders world problems. We met with Kerem Bürsin, who appeared with two TV series and a commercial this summer, and talked about his new projects, life and love: “I don’t think I’m sexy. I don’t see myself that way, and I don’t want to see it either. Nonsense!”

Talented, handsome, sensitive… He doesn’t like to get into stereotypes, he doesn’t strain himself, he speaks as he feels, “There is no such thing as perfect, nor should it be. It’s beautiful with human flaws,” he says. Last week Kerem Bürsin we met with. He has grown some of his hair for his new drama, it suits him very well. Powder pink socks catch my attention. The fact that he wore a pink suit in the commercial was talked a lot on social media. “I love the pink color. Why shouldn’t I wear what I love? Did we eat? Now we have to get rid of them. Welcome to our conversation with Bürsin, who said “These codes are wrong”…

You just turned 34 years old. What do you wish for your new age?

I like to be thankful and I think it’s important. But right now, the state of the world is making me very sad. Let’s wake up now, that’s my wish. I believe we should protect the earth. Much of what we do does him great harm.

Have things changed in your outlook on life as you get older?

After the age of 30, the years go by so fast. It’s like I was 22 just the other day. But the most important thing is to find inner peace, I understood that.

did you find it?

Yes, it was actually not difficult. What makes this difficult is the life we ​​live and the system imposed on us. But once you understand what is important and unimportant to you in life, you start to change. I will either live my life the way I don’t want or the way I want and am… It has to be chosen.

While you have played characters that look cooler until now, this year you appeared in comedy-oriented works. Unlike many players, you’ve turned into a nonchalant and funny guy. Was it because of what you said?

Ask myself ‘What am I doing? It’s time to try something different, I said. I am actually such a man. But I always felt pressured to be in a mold.

Why is that? Industry push?

A lot of things are being imposed. You do something, they say, “This is wrong.” For who? We need a little more freedom. I am also interested in activist issues. When you read about the patriarchal society, you see the system and what the system does not accept. I don’t want to support it. I want to be myself, stand behind what I believe in.

You are very natural on your social media accounts, you don’t have to worry about “Do I look ugly”. However, nowadays, many players are similar to each other with filters. What do you say to the uniformity of the players?

Wrong in my philosophy. And who is beautiful according to whom and who is ugly according to whom? The important thing is to be natural. Natural is attractive, sincere. There is no such thing as perfect, nor should it be. Beautiful with human flaws.

It’s good to be natural, but you’re also one of the sexiest men in the country. How does it create an ego to be someone who is liked by so many people?

If you stick and focus on it, it creates ego. It’s nice to be liked, but that’s not my focus for my goals. Also, I don’t think I’m sexy, really. I don’t see myself that way, and I don’t want to see myself that way either. Nonsense!

You’ve played characters who have fallen in love or fallen in love with him for years. In the meantime, were you able to resolve the male-female relations?

Balance is important in relationships and in life, I understood it.

Did you solve the love?

I do not know. Don’t let love dissolve!

The last time we spoke to you, you said emphatically, “There is no love”. Then we heard about your relationship with Hande Erçel. What happened?

Sometimes you have to let life take its course.

You act together in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”. What is the effect of playing a role in the same job on the relationship and acting?

We both approach our work with professionalism. According to me, Hande and everyone else in this profession, professionalism comes into play. I don’t bring my private life to work. That Eda character, I’m Serkan… Has anything about the job changed?
It hasn’t changed.

Are you a romantic or a man of logic?

I am a romantic, but I am not a romantic in the stereotypes we are used to.

Why is that?

Because I am an advocate of feminist politics. That stereotypical romance sometimes moves from a very patriarchal place.

You go to America at a young age, you start acting there. Have you ever thought what would happen if you didn’t go?

Would I have the opportunity to act, would I? I am wondering.

You came to Turkey from there at a time when everyone was trying to expand abroad. Have you ever regretted?

I didn’t. I am even grateful. In fact, a bad event that I experienced caused me to come here. I lost my best friend in an accident. How and when will we go; something we don’t know. That incident made me realize that better. I am Turkish and have almost never lived in Turkey. It made me feel a little lacking in my identity and humanity. I came to make up for this deficiency and to get away from there after the loss of my friend.

At first, you were criticized for your Turkish. Have you ever been discouraged?

No, some were fair criticisms. I said “I need to get this together”, I tried. But one day I experienced something. I haven’t done any projects yet. I went to a meeting. I made a sentence and one of them said, “You can’t do anything here with your Turkish.” However, if he said, “You can’t do this role,” I would understand. That comment was weird. People starting from black and white cinema before there was no sound in film, watching and picking up the emotion. Acting is sharing of emotions for me.

Did that person regret later?

We met years later and he apologised. I have nothing to hold grudges. I already believed that I would become an actor.

Do you like to live life with a plan or on a flow?

I like to plan, but I don’t plan everything. I trust the universe even if something I wanted didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The word “Good luck” in Turkish is so beautiful… That mindset relaxes me. Some things are not under your control. The important thing is to love yourself and move on.

What is your red line?

Disrespect. It all starts with respect and empathy.

You wear a pink suit in the commercial, you wore a wedding dress in the TV series “Aynen Aynen”. These were discussed…

I don’t understand, how can a color or an outfit be talked about so much? For example, I’m wearing pink socks right now. I love the pink color.

There are certain codes in society…

Nonsense! Why shouldn’t I wear what I love because of these codes? Did we eat? Now we have to get rid of them. For example, Brad Pitt wore a dress for his first magazine shoot after ‘Fight Club’. So what? The things that define my identity are my heart, my brain, my thoughts… These codes are wrong.

Well, recently, female actors admit the harassment and violence they have been exposed to from their close circles. How does this news make you feel?

I am very sorry. Because it’s so common. 16 million women a year are exposed to violence in this country. Why is this kind of thing going on? I don’t understand why it can’t be blocked. I don’t understand why people can’t speak up any more. Yes, I know there is a patriarchal pressure, but…

Are you a feminist?

Yes, I am a person who advocates feminist politics.

This summer, you are everywhere with your TV series and commercials. It’s like your writing…

This summer is spent working. We had a very good collaboration with Lipton Ice Tea, which created the cold tea category in Turkey. We shot commercials in Bodrum. For those who are wondering, every frame in the commercials was real. I also got into the ice-filled jacuzzi, I actually shared my watermelon with the parrot, but of course, I wasn’t the one who dived into that pool like that in the first commercial. Our ad series will continue in the future. The new season of the ‘Aynen Aynen’ series has also started airing. ‘Sen Cal Kapimi ‘ is already in progress.

‘Sen Cal Kapimi’ was loved, its new season has started. What’s the difference between playing romantic comedy for you? For example, some find romantic jobs too easy or don’t count as acting…

I think every genre has its own challenges. It’s also about the script and the depth of the characters. I see comedy as a bit of a secret weapon. You see this in the history of theater as well; You raise public awareness with comedy and criticize the system.

You started your own production company, Braveborn. What happened? Production shelved?

No, it’s been my dream since college. In fact, our logo was a logo I drew in a notebook at the university. Altan Dönmez is a director that I value very much, he was also involved in the production side. We have an incredible synergy. How Martin Scorsese made many movies with Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio, I always said to Altan Abi, “You are my Scorsese”. Our companies have merged. Our goal is to do good things. We have accumulated a lot of work and we are getting started.

Ayşe Arman 2014

Ayşe Arman 2014

If I’m exaggerating, let my eyes fall in front of me. This guy gets 40k likes when he puts a photo on Instagram. I couldn’t believe it either. “Am I seeing it wrong at 4000?” I thought. But even with close glasses, 40 thousand! So it’s an incredible phenomenon. He acted in a TV series called “Güneşi Beklerken”, and that’s how it happened.

Now ‘Şeref Meselesi’ is awaited, and it will be broadcast on Kanal D in the coming days. Kerem Bürsin also acted in Çağan Irmak’s new movie ‘Unutursam Fısılda’.

It is clear that he will be one of the most important players of the future in Turkey.

Because women really love him. It is a proven thing, both in Turkey and in the world, men who love women go crazy.

When you read it, you will realize that you are dealing with a different man.

Western not only outside, but also inside. May the road be clear. Happy holidays to you too!

You came into our lives suddenly. Login that login! But we don’t really know you. Who are you, what are you?

I am Kerem. I’m 27 years old. Almost my whole life has been spent abroad, I have been in Turkey for the last two years. I am an actor. I want to improve myself and become a much better actor. I am willing, determined, hardworking…


You summed it up very well… Let’s go back to the beginning. What kind of family?

A connected family. Because we were always the four of us and we were far from Turkey. My father is an engineer from METU. Senior executive at an international oil company. That’s why we’ve been traveling around the world as long as I can remember, we live in different countries.


Were you born in Turkey?

Yes, in Istanbul. But at 10 months old, we moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. Then Indonesia. We lived in both Medan and Jakarta. I started kindergarten there. Indonesia was heaven for me. There were monkeys on the streets, anything that could appeal to a child… There were always people from different cultures, religions and races around me. I am friendly and instantly adaptable, I am adaptable and unprejudiced. I think the reason is this multiculturalism. That was my reality.

Nice childhood then…

Oh definitely! A colourful, rich, and highly developed childhood. Only when you change so many countries, cities, schools, homes and friends, you lose your sense of belonging and you falter from time to time. We found Turks everywhere we went, but when you live abroad for such a long time, you become a ‘world citizen’. My sister and I lived in a total of seven different countries with my parents when we were 14…


What did you do in Turkish?

At home, my mother and father spoke Turkish to us. But of course my mother tongue is English. We were kids with broken Turkish when we came here in the summer. I can speak better now but still in English when talking something deep or fighting with my sister.

After Indonesia…

There’s Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, then the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Then America. We lived in Texas the longest.

Did you complete your entire education abroad?


What about your mother?

One of my biggest supporters. She could not make a career when she traveled around the country. Interested in us. But over time, it shifted to social responsibility. She did great work with children with cancer in America. I’m proud of her. Being able to help others and making their lives easier is one of her most important values. She also instilled it in us. For example, she took us to Kosovo during the war to make us realize that life is not just the life we ​​live.

Who was closest to you during this time?

Of course, my sister. Because sometimes months passed, we didn’t have friends, there are such difficulties in constantly changing places. And you’re breaking away from people. But for each other, we were always there.

What hasn’t changed in your life?

The only thing that hasn’t changed is our family structure. We are a very solid family.

Do you want your child to lead such a life?

Certainly. Why wouldn’t I? You become a 360 degree person. I have been together with people from different cultures, races and religions throughout my life. An endless variety. Nor have I judged anyone for their habits, behaviours, or beliefs. I didn’t care what she wore, what she didn’t wear, whether she was covered or not. I didn’t even see it.

After Texas, you studied marketing communications and acting at Emerson College in Boston. Then you moved to Los Angeles…

Yes. I tried to show myself as an actor. I ran from audition to audition. I also acted in some movies. But it is very difficult to make a career as an actor in Los Angeles, there are people who have tried for a lifetime and failed. Moreover, they are not empty types, they are well-educated, beautiful, handsome, talented. I tried for a while too. At that time, I did not have a permanent income. I was doing side jobs.

Like what?

Lots of work. I’ve been a driver. I worked as a gym instructor for two years. I worked as a body guard at the gates in clubs. I even cleaned the toilet. But these are completely normal things. Young people are doing this kind of work all over the world. In Turkey, when I say “I cleaned the toilet”, they look at me with pity.

Did the family know?

That’s where it’s a little tricky. I didn’t say certain things to my father. For example, that I work at the club. I didn’t want him to be upset, I said, “I found a job in a company”. Of course, some things they don’t like them, but is my life. You have to decide and move forward, if you need approval on everything, you’re burned out.

When did you start not getting support from your family?

Is it monetary? They always wanted to be supportive, they would still be if I let them go, but it was not in my understanding that someone who is 23-24 years old still receives money from their family. If you are independent, then be independent in everything! I can’t respect people who still take money from their families even though it’s a stake.

So what were you doing, were you sending back the money they sent you?

No, but only when I was stuck. I was basically content with my own money. When it was over, I started working again.

The most important thing you learned from your mother?

My mother is a person who feels the pain of others in her heart. Always trying to do something for someone. She didn’t say to us, “Oh guys, be conscientious, be merciful, be just”, but thanks to her presence, you inevitably become that way. I learned from my mother that we all have a responsibility as human beings. It is not enough to know that garbage should not be thrown on the ground, if there is garbage on the ground, you have to remove it.

The most important thing you learned from your father?

My father is very honest, a man of his word, he has a stance, a backbone. His motto is “If you’re going to do something, act like a man! Give yourself 100 percent…”

Does your father approve of your passion for acting?

No at first, he was scared for me! But that life is my life, he did not interfere. But I knew he was worried about me. Because there are thousands of people crazy about being actors in Los Angeles. Now he doesn’t object to my acting career in Turkey, he even supports me.

“Hurray son you became famous!” did he say anything?

No, our folks don’t mind such things. He doesn’t care about money. My father doesn’t even know that I have fans anyway…

Your mother saw it at the Tarkan concert, there was a crazy queue, security came to calm things down…

Yes, my mother witnessed it, she was a little surprised, but our people are not the type to exaggerate these things, “Oh, of course” they pass by…

Does your father, as a METU student, know that the windows were destroyed in METU?

Nooo. We act as if such things did not happen.

Isn’t it Texas the longest place that you’ve been in?

Yes, I was 13 when we moved to Texas. I can say that my dough was formed there. I discovered theatre there. Acting got into my blood there. So is music. I started doing sports seriously there. I fell in love for the first time there. The first of many things happened in Texas.

What’s attractive about Texas?

Texas is a friendly place. So are Texans. Yes, there is a peasant side, and people are a little condescending. You hate Texas when you’re in Texas. But you’ll miss it so much after you leave Texas. It brings me peace. And I feel very comfortable there. What I love about America is that everyone is the way they are, no one is obsessed. There, for example, people do not have as much brand obsession as we do here.

Does this surprise you in Turkey?

Oh yes! Many things that seem unimportant to me are given so much importance here…

Like what?

Like what you’re wearing. Your attire. Your watch. your car. For example, I have a shirt that I haven’t taken off for 8 years. Though my mom gets angry, “Boy, it’s melted, it’s punctured! Don’t wear it anymore!” She says but it doesn’t matter to me. I’m comfortable inside and it’s clean. Then it’s ok. What I wear, wear, ride on does not define me.

What kind of women you find attractive?

I find self-confident, working, productive, ambitious women with a goal attractive. The woman I’m going to be with doesn’t have to be extraordinarily beautiful. I prefer a socially responsible and helpful woman to a woman who wants to live the famous life with fanfare.

For example, a teacher can be useful to people, such as a nurse. Although, what I say sounds strange to my friends in Turkey. Just like when I said “I want to be a carpenter”. People in Turkey are divided into certain groups. As if you could only meet people of your culture. Some professions, as if they were only reserved for people of a certain cultural level. For example, they do not understand that a university graduate might want to work as a carpenter. Both teaching and nursing are underestimated, according to them, you should be a doctor if you’re going to be. But there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. This is actually a hidden caste system.

Yigit and Emir are two brothers. Ben plays Yiğit and Şükrü Özyıldız plays Emir. Our mother is also Tilbe Saran. Şerif Ağabey is also our father. We live in a village in Ayvalık. Then some things happen, we come to Istanbul. Yigit is a type who has not finished high school. A little rebellious. He lives with his emotions. He has an instant lifestyle.

Emir was the complete opposite of his brother. He is graduating from university, preparing to become a lawyer. Yigit has a personality that does not allow for obstacles even though he has no means. An animalistic character. Their father gets scammed and he makes it a matter of honor and hangs himself. The psychology of the mother deteriorates, the family completely disintegrates. Emir will take his legal revenge, and Yiğit will plunge into the events as he feels. He will do whatever he needs to do. I will play Yigit with great pleasure. I was weak for this role. I left a beard. My hair has changed.

But “How much weight have you lost?”

I don’t know the pattern, I haven’t been weighed in 15 years, it’s just that whatever I wear is falling out. We also changed the training for the role. After all, there is no gym in the village. So my muscles had to be different.

How long have you been with Yağmur?

It’s been a year.

Longest relationship?


Is it your first Turkish lover?


What are you doing?

We hang out at home. We’re already working all the time, it’s a busy pace, it’s unpleasant when you go out.

Where do you live?

I rented a beautiful house in Etiler with a view of the Bosphorus. Home is important to me.

Do you consider yourself handsome?

No, I don’t find it. I have other features: I am a person who can establish warm relationships with people, I can empathize, I can put myself in the other person’s shoes. But I don’t think I have special abilities. I do acting because it excites me. Studying a character, preparing for it, getting into that character, being that character… All these processes make me extremely happy.

All this love happened because of a play in high school, right?

Exactly. It was the last year of high school in Texas. I played Christopher Columbus in a play. For that role, I was voted the best high school actor in all of America. We’ve been on tour, we’ve been to a lot of states. Of course, I loved the scene… Then came the college period in Boston and Los Angeles.

What you’re experiencing in Los Angeles is called disappointment?

No, it’s just a moment when you start questioning yourself. It’s the heart of the movie industry. And networking is very important. If not, you naturally hear “No” a hundred times more often than “Yes”. Oh, one by one, “No, no!” And there comes a moment after it’s said, “Am I doing the right thing?” you think.

Did you come to Turkey because it is difficult and daunting to be successful in America?

Not exactly. There I played Jack Nicholson in the films ‘Sharktopus’ and ‘Palace of the Damned’ by producer Roger Corman, who discovered Sandra Bullock. But it’s a very fast place. Did you do something, ok great but after two weeks people forget you. The manager or producer you spoke to is no longer answering their phones. You are back to where you started. I finally realized that I’m 27, getting older. But I’m still like a driftwood. I realized that I need to take a new step in my life. At that time, I also lost my best friend. We were friends since Abu Dhabi years, he was Egyptian. He died in a cycling accident. This made me question life: “Am I doing the things I want? Am I wasting my time? Am I counting on my place? How can I improve myself?” I decided to change my life completely and came to Turkey.


We met Gaye Sökmen by chance when I came for my cousin’s wedding. I signed up with his acting agency. I called. Although, when I returned to Turkey, I said, “Should I settle in New Zealand and work as a carpenter?” Crazy ideas were running through my mind as well. But then I decided to stay in Turkey and act.

Does being a famous actor here give you an advantage in America?

Doesn’t it provide? It does, of course. The last time I went to Los Angeles, I got a lot of attention. They monitor the Turkish market very carefully.

What do the holidays mean to you?

Unity, togetherness, joy, enthusiasm, family… I wish everyone a happy holiday. We are not a religious family. But we respect all religions, we always have been. The people around us were already from different cultures, religions and nationalities. We always celebrated the holidays of all of them. They’re ours too.

What does dressing up, dressing nicely, kissing hands mean to you on holidays?

I have never kissed anyone’s hand. My grandparents weren’t in that head.

Do you know prayer?

No. I don’t know Arabic prayer either. But when I thank God or ask for his help for something, I say it in Turkish. Since I am Turkish, I had the thought that my God would understand Turkish since my childhood, and it remained so.

What do you do at funerals?

I don’t go to funerals.

Didn’t your relatives die in Turkey?

They did, but I didn’t go. Seems counterintuitive to me.

What do you do when you go to the cemetery?

I’m talking to them…

Is there anything that you find strange in Turkey?

For example, working conditions in the acting industry. Conditions are not equal for everyone. There is injustice. It is sad to be in that injustice and not be able to see it and do anything. One gets a lot of money, the other gets very little… Such imbalances? There is room. Not everyone has the same conditions. In the middle of winter, snow, winter, apocalypse, but people are outside. For example, our tea maker gets wet… Working methods are also different in Turkey. Nothing begins and ends at the said hour.

Officially, Gaye Sökmen’s acting agency gave me therapy and told me how things work in this country. What are the differences between acting in Turkey and America? I also notice this in sports coaches in Turkey. Going to training for 3-5 weeks and saying, “Okay, I became a sports teacher!” they say. There is no such world. Not for acting. If you say, “I’ve been enrolled in a six-week acting course, I’m an actor now”, they’ll laugh at you. Unfortunately, this is our biggest problem. You have tremendous confidence in yourself. But it’s an empty self-confidence.

Do you think you became famous fast here?

But this is not something I can control or develop under my control. Am I taking it too seriously? No.

Do you think your talent was at the forefront?

I hope so. But people may like me, I don’t hang out there too much. Because there is nothing I can do about it.

Does it ever seem silly and funny to get this much attention?

I won’t say it’s silly, but it sounds funny…

Well, doesn’t one get in the mood, “What am I?” wouldn’t he say?

No. Because I have a goal and I still have a long way to reach that goal.

What’s your target?

To be an international actor.

Is Turkey one of these steps?

Certainly. I don’t know how long it will take. But for now, I’m here and I’m going to work hard.

Back in the mid-20s, your parents were like, “Is this kid going to do anything?” did they say

They said for sure.

We’ve all experienced that stress, especially me.

They made you lovers with a lot of women… Does the tabloid press bother you?

This is something I cannot control. I don’t get upset over things I can’t control. I act like it doesn’t exist. I don’t read news about myself either. I don’t put my name on google.

Don’t you look at what they wrote, what happened?

No. There’s no need. I am happy in my own little world.

Do you watch the episodes you shoot?

No. I have watched at most 2 or 3 episodes of ‘Güneşi Beklerken’. It was a curiosity about what our director did rather than myself. Other than that, I don’t like watching myself. Taking pictures doesn’t work either.

What kind of life do you have?

Actually, I don’t have a life. I have been working non-stop for 13 months. I have one day off, other than that, I’m on the set every day. But I am not complaining. I am making my dreams come true.

What will happen after you get out of here?

After the interview? First I go to the gym, then to the set. Sport is the place where I can breathe and be free. Mentally, it’s my therapy. I relax there, thinking about what’s going on. I have a sports teacher, Burak Uğur, we are boxing with him. I was doing a different workout for ‘Güneşi Beklerken’. Right now, I am doing a completely different training for Yiğit Kılıç of ‘Şeref Meselesi’.

Did they compare you to Marlon Brando for your role as Yigit Kilic?

Well, they compared him to Matthew McConaughey in America, because he had a Texas vibe. This is where the Marlon Brando thing happened. I do not compare myself, but they say so.

Let’s say we are in a bar in Istanbul. If I try to come to that bar with a shabby Anadol or a Murat 124 or a crappy Volkswagen, not a single girl will look back! My first car in Los Angeles was pretty crappy, but it didn’t matter. Because the car I drive does not determine my identity. Driving a Porsche doesn’t make me a man either! It doesn’t make it any different from other people. Here, such things are very important… I always wanted to be an early father. But now I realize that I have to realize myself first. There are so many things going on in my life right now, how right is it to drag other people into something like this with me? I wouldn’t be with someone who loves fame, attention, and a glamorous lifestyle. That one just doesn’t appeal to me. But it would be a shame if I found the opposite. That’s why I’m postponing decisions about my private life right now.


Hurriyet 2014

Those who could not think of Zeynep and Kerem separately created the word “Zeyker”. What will you say to them?

  • Last Sunday, during the broadcast of the new episode, Twitter was officially destroyed… We became TT, that’s all. Our fans have taken over all social media. The support is incredible. We always say “we are a family”, they are also a part of this family.


Kerem was shown to give up on his love…

  • Kerem and Zeynep’s love is like the stock market. One goes up, one goes down (laughs).

Are you that strong in normal life? Do you compare yourself to the characters you play?

  • I also stand behind what I believe in. But the things I believe in are not the same as Kerem Sayer believes, the difference is there!

Were you crazy at that age too?

  • What does crazy mean, I was crazy at that age.

The season finale is approaching, have you started making holiday plans?

  • The priority of our lives is “Güneşi Beklerken” and we act accordingly.

Speaking of cinema… Any big screen projects on the horizon?

  • There are a few. I’m reading the scripts. I go to meetings. Let’s see; maybe if the timing fits with the series.



An offer came from the TV series “Homeland”, what stage is that project now?

  • It is not clear. Negotiations continue. Maybe it will happen, maybe not.

“Güneşi Beklerken” season finale is approaching. And especially in the last few episodes, the excitement is at its peak. What will happen to Zeynep and Kerem?

  • There will be exciting things, that’s for sure, but we don’t have clear information, believe me. We learn as the script comes in. By the way, you know, our screenwriters have changed too.

How did the change of screenwriter affect you?

  • Of course, we were a little nervous at first… But they are doing a very successful job.

Are you glad you’re back from America? Or do you still miss it?

  • Of course I miss America. Conditions there are much more comfortable. But I don’t regret my decision. I am very happy to be here.

Can we say that you will continue his journey in Turkey now?

  • I don’t know, you never know. I can’t say anything like “I’m here” for sure. If a project comes out there and the conditions suit me, I can go. This is a global market now. It looks at a 10-hour journey. It’s not impossible to run both.

You have millions of fans in a short time. Did you get used to the fame?

  • I can’t get used to being famous




  • Ege Üniversitesi media award Best Actor ( Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Wish Award Best Actor (Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Golden Objective Magazine Journalists Association Best Promising Actor (Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Crystal Mouse Media Awards Best Actor (Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Ege Üniversitesi Best Actor (Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Ayaklı Gazete 5 stars of the year award for Best Actor in a Youth Series (Güneşi Beklerken)
  • Stars of the Year Most Admired Actor (Unutursam Fısılda)
  • GQ Türkiye Rising Star of the Year

  • 22nd ITU Success Awards Most Successful Actor (Unutursam Fısılda)
  • GSU Top Awards Best Actor in Cinema / Series (Unutursam Fısılda/Şeref Meselesi)
  • Kadıköy Anatolian High School Male Actor of the Year (Şeref Meselesi)

  • 2017 Seul Drama Best Actor Award (Bu Şehir Arkadan Gelecek)

  • Istanbul Kültür University Career Honorary Award / Most Admired Celebrity (the award ceremony was not held due to covid, but the award is very important in Turkey)
  • Yeditepe University International Women’s Rights Supporter Award
  • Cinema Port Awards Best Actor in a Series (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Stars of the Year Awards, Most Admired Male Actor in a Series (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • OMÜ organization for Best Couple of the Year Award Edser (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Dizilah Güzel Awards Best Actor (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Dizilah Güzel Awards Best Couple EdSer (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • KTÜ Best Television Couple Edser (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Golden Wings Awards Best Actor (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Tv Gündemi Best Actor Award
  • Tv Gündemi Best Series couple Edser (Sen Çal Kapımı)



  • 2006 – Thursday
  • 2007 – Strawberry Melancholy
  • 2010 – Wendigo
  • 2010 – Sharktopus (leading actor)
  • 2013 – Palace of the Dammed (leading actor)
  • 2014 – Unutursam Fısılda (leading actor)
  • 2018 – İyi Oyun (guest star)
  • 2018 – Can Feda (leading actor)
  • 2020 – Eflatun (leading actor)


2018 – Kelebekler

2018 – İyi Oyun



  • 2013-2014Güneşi Beklerken as Kerem Sayer / Günes Sayer
  • 2014 – Ulan İstanbul as Yiğit Kılıç (guest star)
  • 2014 – 2015 – Şeref Meselesi as Yiğit Kılıç
  • 2017 – Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek as Ali Smith
  • 2018 – Yaşayamayanlar as Dimitry
  • 2018 – 2019 – Muhteșem İkili as Mustafa Kerim Can
  • 2020 – present – Aynen Aynen as Deniz
  • 2020 – present – Sen Çal Kapımı as Serkan Bolat


2018 – Yaşayamayanlar



Kerem Bürsin was born on June 4th, 1987, in Istanbul, Turkey. Bürsin spent his childhood on the move and was raised internationally living in 7 different countries. After years of living an expat life him and his family settled in Sugar Land, Texas. While in high school in Texas, he developed an interest in acting. In a play he did his senior year he was recognized and won many awards including the best actor of the state of Texas. Bürsin later attended Emerson College in Boston, where he majored in Marketing Communications with a focus on Public Relations. However constantly taking roles acting in numerous student films and plays, he gained attention on campus as an actor. He began to focus his studies on acting and finished his last semester of College in Los Angeles, which led him to stay there.

Bürsin’s first role on television, was Roger Corman’s Sharktopus (2010) then again in 2012 starred in another one of Corman’s pictures: Shen gong yuan ling (2013). After spending a few years in Los Angeles,Bürsin decided to move temporarily to his home town Istanbul, Turkey. Shortly after his move he started to pursue his ambition in acting again. After a couple of months his career in Turkey would take off, landing the lead role in director Altan Dönmez and D-Production’s TV show Günesi Beklerken (2013) which would become a hit phenomenon in Turkey as well as surrounding countries. The Turkish audience would meetBürsin for the first time at his portrayal of Kerem Sayer, an 18 year old high school rebel. In a short amount of timeBürsin won the crowd over, the role landing him several awards, commercial deals and recognition throughout regions across Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East.

After shooting 56 episodes and calling it a series finale for Günesi Beklerken (2013),Bürsin soon was approached by one of Turkey’s famous and important directors Cagan Irmak to be in his film Unutursam Fisilda (2014) whichBürsin would accept the role, Erhan, a young bass player with a passion for music taking place in 70’s Istanbul.Bürsin’s small but pivotal role in the film gained him more recognition and awards.

For his next season on TV,Bürsin and director Altan Dönmez re-joined the producers at D-Porductions for a different kind of show, one that would spring a lot of curiosity and hype, the Turkish remake of the famous Italian mafia TV-Series Il Ristretto D’Honore. Seref Meselesi (2014) had a lot of critics skeptical whether or notBürsin would be able to pull off the role of a late twenties Turkish bad boy who would get sucked into the life of the Turkish mafia where revenge would drive him to reach the top of the mafia tree. Leaving critics surprised and again gaining the appreciation of the audience the show became a hit.

In 2018, Kerem portrayed the role of Dimitry, one of the main vampires of the Turkish web series, ‘Yaşamayanlar’. Although it was originally released on the digital platform ‘BluTV’, on March 8, 2019 it became part of ‘Netflix’.

Some of his other projects on the small screen have been ‘Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek’ (2017) , ‘Muhteşem İkili’ (2018-2019) OR ‘Aynen Aynen’ (2020-)

Bürsin is currently playing the lead role of “Serkan Bolat” in Sen Çal Kapımı(You Knock on My Door) opposite Hande Erçel. The series is produced by MF Yapım, directed by Altan Dönmez and its script is written by Ayşe Üner Kutlu. It premiered on FOX on 8 July 2020 receiving positive reviews as well as high ratings.


Eric Morris Technique – Erle Morris (2 years)

Scene Study for Film 8 T.V. – Bates Wilder

On Camera Auditioning – Carolyn Pickman

Emerson College The Business of Acting – Brad Lemack

Emerson College Basics of Acting Il – Richard Gilman

Emerson College Basics of Acting – Joseph Antoun

Emerson College Dialects Study! – Aleksander Wierzbicki

Scene Study – Tress Mills Kurzym

Improvisation – Brad Cummons

Cold Reading – Tress Mills Kurzym

Vocal Training – Denise Raimando


Dialects – Australian, British (Cockney, Irish, Proper English, Scottish), New York, Russian, Southern American

Band Member – The Belle Ami (bass guitar, supporting vocals, drum experience)

Horseback riding, Swimmer, American Football, Weight Training (NASM Certified/Training for Warriors Certified), Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse


Turkish (Native), English (Native), French (Beginner)


Favorite season: Summer

 Food he dislikes: Okra and leek

Favorite food: Guacamole

The most intolerable thing: Disrespect

The subject he said he was bad at school: Science

Favorite superhero: Wolverine

The Turkish series he watched with his mother in the past: An Istanbul Tale.

How he drinks coffee: plain

How he drinks tea: with lemon or sweetener

Discovered by: Roger Corman

His teacher: Eric Morris

He sees photography as curiosity.

He sees ambition as a danger.







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